Isn't my hair just gorgeous? Of course, I do spend a lot of time on it. I was so bored cooped up in that painting... Now I spend all my time in front of the mirror. It seems to scare people, though, so everything is coming up roses!
~ Lydia

Lydia is one of the Portrait Ghosts encountered in Luigi's Mansion. Lydia is the second ghost encountered in the game. She is the wife of Neville and the mother of Chauncey and the twins Henry and Orville.


Lydia was originally a portrait until King Boo released her and the others ghosts. She is found in the Master Bedroom always primping her long blonde hair. When Luigi meets Lydia, she comments how boring was to be trapped as a painting for so much time and finds it great that now she is able to be in front of the mirror all time she wants. In order to capture her, Luigi must open the curtains of the room which causes a breeze to enter through a hole in the window. Lydia becomes too distracted by this that she exposes her heart and Luigi is able to vacuum her. If Luigi fails to do so, she reappears to close the curtains and sits again in front of the mirror to continue primping her hair.



  • Lydia's portrait number in Professor E. Gadd's gallery is 2.
  • It has been speculated that Lydia possibly died falling out from the hole in the window in the room.
  • In a early beta version of Luigi's Mansion for Nintendo Gamecube, instead of pulling open a curtain, Luigi would simply have to wait for Lydia to turn around to stun her with the flashlight. Her pose she makes when she turns is similar to her silver frame portrait (in the Gamecube version).


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