Lydia is the main antagonist of The Three Stooges. She is Mr. Harter's former leader and boss and the Three Stooges' arch-nemesis.



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In The Three Stooges

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Lydia first witnessed the Three Stooges looking for a way to raise $830,000 to save the orphanage they grew up in, and offers them exactly that amount of money to kill her husband. When the man claiming to be her husband (Teddy's best friend) was hit by a bus and placed in a hospital, they went to Lydia to collect the reward, thinking he was dead. She threw them out once she revealed to them he wasn't dead.

At Teddy and Lydia's anniversary party, she drugs Teddy to get him to "accidentally" fall to his death, but her plan is averted by the Stooges. However, Mr. Harter steps in at the last minute, revealing that Lydia is his boss in his attempt to get Teddy's money (he only married into money and all of it was left to Teddy by his adoptive mother). The Three Stooges once again stop Lydia's plans by driving the car they were taken in to a nearby lake, when law officers arrived shortly after.


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  • Lydia is constantly believed to be the secondary antagonist of the first film.


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