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Villain Overview

Ah... I keep eating and eating, but it's never enough! I eat, I devour, I chew, I bite, I gorge, I gnaw, I munch, I crunch, I savour... Pure gluttony! Ah, thank you for this feast I truly appreciate it!
~ Lye Batenkaitos, the embodiment of gluttony.

Lye Batenkaitos, also known as the Sin Archbishop of Gluttony and Batenkaitos of Gluttony, is a major antagonist in the 2014 Japanese dark fantasy light novel series Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, as well as its anime television series & manga adaptations of the same name. He first appeared as a minor-yet-pivotal antagonist in the third story arc before reappearing as a major antagonist in both the fifth and sixth story arcs. Until his death, he was the arch-nemesis of Subaru Natsuki and Ram.

At some point in their childhood, the siblings Lye Batenkaitos, Roy Alphard, and Louis Arneb absorbed the Gluttony Witch Factor, giving them access to the Authority of Gluttony. Alongside his brother, Batenkaitos joined the Witch Cult, an organization dedicated to the reverence of the Witch of Envy. The Cult's highest ranking members known as the Sin Archbishops, which the brothers were counted among, each possessed a Witch Factor relating to the seven deadly sins. With the Gluttony Witch Factor, Lye and Roy represented the sin of gluttony and were both known as Sin Archbishops of Gluttony. Louis, who had been trapped in the Corridor of Memories since birth, would occasionally wonder the world by possessing one of her brothers.

Befitting of the sin he represented, Lye had an insatiable hunger for human memories. Using his Witch Factor, the Authority of Gluttony, Batenkaitos could eat the identities and memories of his opponents without killing them, essentially leaving them as forgotten husks. He also had control over the White Whale, a terrifying mabeast that he referred to as his pet.

He was first seen roughly two months after the story's beginning when he attacked a convoy of soldiers alongside the Sin Archbishop of Greed Regulus Corneas. The convoy in question had vanquished the White Whale, leading Batenkaitos to believe they would serve as worthy opponents. The convoy, that was led by Duchess Crusch Karsten and the demon maid Rem, stood no chance against the Sin Archbishops, who decimated the soldiers before leaving the scene.

Under the direction of the gospel, Batenkaitos & Roy later led an assault on the water gate city Pristela alongside the Archbishop of Wrath Sirius, the Archbishop of Lust Capella Emerada Lugunica, and Regulus Corneas. Unfortunately for Lye, a young man named Subaru Natsuki led a resistance against the Witch Cult, driving them out of the city. Of the Sin Archbishops, only the Gluttony brothers and Lust made it out, as Greed was killed and Wrath was captured.

A short while later, Lye and Roy infiltrated the Pleiades Watchtower, a large structure located in the inhospitable Auguria Dunes. Subaru Natsuki and his allies were currently investigating possible methods of undoing the affects of the Gluttony and Lust Authorities within the building. The siblings attacked the party of adventurers, however, as Lye soon discovered, their enemies were far more dangerous than they had anticipated. In battle, Lye faced a nigh-insurmountable force in the form of Rem's elder twin sister Ram, who brutally beat and beheaded Gluttony, ending his reign of terror.

Lye is voiced by Kengo Kawanishi in the Japanese version of the anime and by Erik Scott Kimerer in the English version. Kawanishi has also voiced Muichiro Tokito in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Ritsu Sohma in Fruits Basket. Kimerer has also voiced Speed-o'-Sound Sonic in One Punch Man, Alibaba Saluja in Magi: Labyrinth of Magic, Obanai Iguro in Demon Slayer: Kimetesu no Yaiba, Secco in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, Itsuki Kawasumi in The Rising of the Shield Hero, Biscuit Griffon in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, and Fish Eye in Sailor Moon SuperS.


Lye's dark face was covered with grime, blood, and other forms of filth.

Lye Batenkaitos stood at around five feet and one inch tall, making him a fairly short youth whose height was comparable to the likes of Rem. Like his siblings, he appeared to be roughly twelve or thirteen years of age with a high-pitched voice that denoted his apparent youthfulness. His straight unkempt light-brown hair, that had tips drenched in blood and dirt, trailed down to his knees and fell over his face in a way that obscured his right eye. His diminutive and slender physique had a surprising amount of musculature to it and his dark skin was littered with a multitude of grotesque scars that varied from whip to bite marks. His most distinctive facial features were his repulsive emerald green eyes and fang-shaped sharp teeth that usually formed a sadistic smile.

Like the other Sin Archbishops, Lye's clothing deviated from the religious habit worn by most Witch Cultists. Much like his body, the Sin Archbishop of Gluttony's clothing was tattered and dirty. His primary piece of clothing was a skin-tight purple bodysuit that exposed his arms, bare feet, and chest and had horizontal pink stripes across it. Over the top of his bodysuit, he wore a tattered black cloak with red patterns that reached down to the ground. A pair of Witch Cult daggers were strapped to his forearms that served as his primary weapons.

Overall, Lye's appearance was very similar to his brother Roy's. Both Lye and Roy shared their diminutive stature, emerald eyes, long brown hair, and dark skin. However, Lye's body and clothing, that were usually covered by dirt, grime, blood, and other forms of filth, were far less kempt that his brother's.


Lye Batenkaitos, rather befittingly of the sin he represented, had an insatiable appetite for the memories and identities of people. Satisfying his urge was usually his highest priority at all times,

Lye would often grow ecstatic at the prospect or fulfilment of an excellent meal.

and he would stop at nothing to procure a feast he deemed worthy. Nothing mattered to the Sin Archbishop more than the feeling of an empty stomach. Gluttony felt as though eating delicious identities was the purpose of his existence. No matter how much he ate, Batenkaitos's appetite was never fully satisfied. His passion for eating was so profound that he would often excitedly jabber in ecstasy to nobody in particular whenever a meal had satisfied him or whenever he felt a person would provide him with an excellent feast.

The concepts of right and wrong meant nothing to Batenkaitos, who only saw them as obstacles in the way of his immoral consumption. He was perfectly willing to brutally mutilate and devour the identities of his targets, completely disregarding the lives he ruined in the process. He also hated receiving lectures on his behavior, as he possessed zero capacity for remorse or self-reflection. He seemed to have little sense or care for personal hygiene and social etiquette, although he made sure to thank a person for the feast if he found them delicious.

Unlike Roy, who merely saw it as a pre-requisite for a feast, Lye thoroughly enjoyed combat. He would become excitable at the prospect of a formidable opponent, as Lye felt the life experiences that

Lye had deep admiration for those with a strong fighting spirit to the point that he would often bare a gleeful smile during combat.

had made them into the powerful people they were would help meet his steep expectations. In combat, Lye would usually give his opponent an opportunity to prove their mettle, as doing so allowed Gluttony to gage whether consuming them would provide him with a delicious feast or not. During his battle with Rem, Lye displayed deep admiration towards the maid girl's fighting spirit and battle strength.

Perhaps Batenkaitos's only redeeming trait was his connection with his siblings Roy Alphard and Louis Arneb. Batenkaitos of Gluttony genuinely loved and cared for his siblings, and as such sought to nurture and protect them. Like Roy, a major motivation for Lye's constant search for satiation was to please his younger sister Louis, as the young girl could share in the experience of whatever the brothers ate. Lye was also willing to have Louis possess his body on occasion so that she could wander the world and have experiences of her own, despite it having no real benefit for Batenkaitos. All three of the siblings, including Lye, often referred to themselves using plural pronouns rather than singular pronouns such as using the word "our" instead of my.


Lye Batenkaitos was a member of the Witch Cult, an organization dedicated to revering Satella the Witch of Envy, a figure who nearly destroyed the world four-hundred years prior to the events of the story. The Cult's primary goal was to free the Witch from her eternal imprisonment. The Sin Archbishops were the highest ranking members of the Cult, as they each possessed a Witch Factor. A Witch Factor was a special power connected to the Witches of Sin, the group the Witch of Envy had been connected to until she killed most of them. Batenkaitos, who was an Archbishop, came to possess the Gluttony Witch Factor that had belonged to the Witch of Gluttony Daphne in the past. Lye shared the Factor with his brother Roy Alphard and his younger sister Louis Arneb. With the Authority of Gluttony, Lye had control of mabeasts, magical creatures created by Daphne four centuries prior. Batenkaitos began considering one of these beasts, the legendary and terrifying White Whale, a pet.

Avenging the White Whale

We came out here because we heard our pet had been slain, and just look at this bounty! I expected them to be a good, ripe bunch, considering they managed to kill a beast that had been rampaging unchecked for over four hundred years... But this exceeds even my wildest expectations, look at this magnificent feast!! Nice! Good! Great! Excellent! Fine! Perfect! Fantastic! Stupendous! Extraordinary! It's been a while since our hunger was so thoroughly sated!
~ Batenkaitos proclaiming his satisfaction with the feast the convoy had provided.

Sometime after becoming the Archbishop of Gluttony, Lye heard that a military force led by Duchess Crusch Karsten had managed to terminate the White Whale. Instead of feeling grief or anger at the thought of his pet's death, Batenkaitos felt overwhelming excitement at the prospect of the delicious feast the battle-hardened soldiers responsible would likely provide him with. Lye, having decided to taste the soldiers first hand, tracked the hunting party to Lifaus Highway, a long country-side road located in the Kingdom of Lugunica. The military convoy was transporting those wounded during the battle as well as the remains of the White Whale back to the Lugunican capital. Before Batenkaitos could begin his attack, another figure coincidentally assaulted the carriages head on, decimating the entire convoy and forcing the caravan to grind to a halt. The man responsible for the attack was none other than Regulus Corneas, the Sin Archbishop currently representing the sin of Greed. While Corneas kept Karsten, who was leading the convoy, busy, Lye began silently decimating the wounded soldiers that tried to rush to her aid. Devouring the name and memories of the valiant heroes who opposed him, Gluttony found that his steep expectations had actually been exceeded, placing him in an extraordinarily good mood.

Lye striding through the remains of his victims.

After dealing with the soldiers, Batenkaitos, who was caked in dirt and the blood of his enemies, began sauntering over to Regulus who had incapacitated Karsten and was standing above a terrified maid girl who was using her magical energy to desperately treat the noblewoman's wounds. As he approached his fellow Sin Archbishop with bloodied blades hanging from his forearms while sadistically kicking the bodies of his many victims, Lye's excitement climaxed. The Sin Archbishop of Gluttony began joyfully rambling about the excellence of the feast that had been laid out before him, sincerely thanking his victims for the food. With no small amount of fear in her voice, the blue-haired maid girl asked her dual assailants their identities. The Sin Archbishops locked eyes with one another and nodded, conveying to each other that they should go along with the girl's request. Both bearing sadistic smiles, Lye Batenkaitos and Regulus Corneas introduced themselves as Sin Archbishops of the Witch Cult.

Once again gazing around at the fallen knights scattered across the brutal battlefield, Batenkaitos, wiping the blood off of his mouth with his sleeve, remarked how impressed he'd been with Crusch's retainers despite his already high expectations for the slayers of the White Whale. Gluttony's monologue was interrupted by Greed, who hypocritically chastised his fellow Sin Archbishop for never keeping his barbaric cravings in check and never being truly satisfied with what he already had in life. With a disgusting slurp of his saliva, Lye angrily retorted that he didn't care whether or not his actions were right or wrong and as such hated receiving lectures on any of his immoral deeds. Batenkaitos's attention was then drawn away from Regulus by the blue-haired girl, who wanted to know if he had come to avenge his pet. With a vigorous shaking of his head, the wide-mouthed Archbishop reported that he had merely come to taste the soldiers, who had, as he had already stated numerous times, been delicious. Regulus, seeing the depraved joy exhibited by his colleague, assured the maid girl that, unlike Lye, he garnered no pleasure from barbaric practices such as cannibalism and violence.

Lye was intrigued by Rem's claim that a hero would arrive and defeat him.

In response to the words of the two madmen, the young woman finished tending to the unconscious Karsten before readying her flail and converting her little remaining magical energy into icicles that floated around her head. Her demeanour resolute, the blue-haired girl warned the Sin Archbishops that a man she considered to be a hero would one day deliver justice upon them. Both the words spoken by the girl before him and her sudden willingness to do battle failed to perturb Batenkaitos, who instead had his curiosity peeked. The hungry beast clapped his hands in delight and conveyed excitement at the thought of devouring someone formidable enough to earn the faith of the girl before him. With her pride flaring, the girl introduced herself as Rem, the head maid of Margrave Roswaal L. Mathers's mansion and the caretaker of the man she considered to be the hero who would one day defeat the Witch Cult—Subaru Natsuki. Once again telling them to prepare themselves for the oncoming storm that Natsuki would prove, Rem ignited her horn that indicated her as a member of the endangered demon species and began her courageous assault on the Sin Archbishops.

The young maid fired a barrage of deadly icicles at both Sin Archbishops simultaneously. Lye, with the incredible physical speed he possessed thanks to his Authority, outmanoeuvred every icicle with ease and closed in on Rem's position. Bounding into the air, Lye hoped to descend upon his opponent from above. However, his trajectory was interrupted by Rem who elegantly swung her flail to create a strong defensive wall against Batenkaitos. Lye began continuously probing Rem's defense from above, hoping to break through her shield and devour her. As the duel raged on and he slowly grew closer and closer to his target, Batenkaitos complimented Rem for her incredible fighting spirit and became more and more excited for his inevitable feast. The ferocious combat was eventually broken apart by Regulus, who, until that point, had merely observed the fight with a content smile plastered on his face. Greed used the power of his Authority to project a powerful shockwave at Rem that incapacitated the maid. Gluttony subsequently used the opportunity provided by his fellow Cultist to descend upon the helpless Rem and devour her name and memories, leaving her as an empty shell.

Lye thanking Rem for the feast as her consciousness faded away.

Like with all of his victims, Lye saw the life story of the young demon woman named Rem. From her memories, Gluttony learned about the hero Subaru Natsuki she had mentioned. Natsuki was not a man of physical power nor of gifted intelligence, instead only possessing an unwavering sense of duty towards those he considered his friends. Despite his lack of talent, the young man had saved Rem's life in the past and had personally orchestrated the downfall of the White Whale. Subaru Natsuki was a man who, in Rem's eyes, displayed defiance towards the impossible yet was unafraid to show his weak side to those he loved. For these reasons, and many others, Rem was deeply in love with the boy. Upon learning these things about Subaru from the demon's memories, Lye quickly became excited by the idea of one day facing Natsuki and tasting the young man's experiences for himself. Aside from Subaru, Lye also learned about Rem's elder twin sister Ram, who meant the world to the demon maid. As Rem's consciousness faded into blackness, Lye thanked her for the delectable feast with a broad smile on his face. After dealing with Rem, Lye ate the memories of Crusch Karsten and every other soldier who remained alive, essentially meaning there were no proper witnesses to his deeds. Having emerged victorious over the gallant heroes, Gluttony and Greed left the desecrated convoy behind before reinforcements arrived.

Shortly after the attack, Rem, Crusch, and the other victims were discovered and taken to Karsten's mansion in the capital. It was here that Subaru learned the fate that had befallen his beloved Rem. Strangely enough, Natsuki was partially immune to the affects of the Gluttony Authority, as none of his memories regarding Rem and the other victims had faded. The Great Spirit of Fire Puck, who had knowledge about the Authority of Gluttony, told Subaru Natsuki basic information about the power Lye had used on Rem. Utterly distraught at the loss of his closest confidante, Subaru resolved to restore Rem's mind regardless of the cost and enact vengeance upon the boy who took them, namely Batenkaitos. Although she failed to remember her sister, Ram also felt a deep sense of loss regarding her twin and sought to destroy Gluttony for his sin and recover the lost Rem so she could feel whole again.

Powers & Abilities

To put it simply, the Authority of Gluttony is a power for eating. He can eat someone's name and make everyone forget about them, or make that person lose their own memories by eating them. If both your name and memories are taken using this power, there won't be anything left of you but an empty shell.
~ Puck explaining the Authority of Gluttony to Subaru Natsuki.

At some point, Lye Batenkaitos absorbed the Gluttony Witch Factor, gaining the Authority of Gluttony in the process. The Authority, appropriately, was a power primarily based around eating, although not in the usual sense of the word. With the Authority of Gluttony, Lye and his siblings had the power to consume the name and memories of a target. If Lye devoured the name of a target the target would be forgotten by everyone in the world with the exception of the gluttony siblings themselves.

Lye avoiding Rem's magical attack with incredible speed.

If Lye devoured the memories of a target, the target would become amnesiac, forgetting everything about themselves, although those who knew them would still remember them. If Batenkaitos consumed the name and memories of a target, the person would fall into a coma of sorts, becoming an empty shell remembered by nobody. Batenkaitos demonstrated his Authority during his attack on the White Whale subjugation party, eating the memories of Crusch Karsten and the name and memories of Rem. Puck, the Great Spirit of Fire, had knowledge of the Authority and explained it to Subaru Natsuki, although he didn't know how to reverse the effects of the power.

Furthermore, the Authority of Gluttony divides into two sub-abilities; Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse. Lunar Eclipse allows them to utilise their victims' abilities and skills in combat (Authorities, Divine Protections and Spirit Arts do no transfer). With Lunar Eclipse active, Lye displayed an insane level of fighting skill and reflexes, as well as utilizing certain techniques like the Leaper Technique and the Palm of the First King which belonged to Dorkell and Neiji Rockheart respectively. Solar Eclipse on the other hand, allows the Gluttonies to harvest someone's name and morph into them, completely changing their appearance, voice and even their Gate. Lye and Roy refuse Solar Eclipse as they fear losing themselves while their sister Louis freely utilizes both Solar and Lunar Eclipses.

With his Authority of Gluttony, Lye was able to control the actions of mabeasts. Mabeasts were hostile and formidable creatures that fed off of magical energy and had been created by Daphne, the Witch of Gluttony, over four centuries prior to the story. When the Gluttony Witch Factor was absorbed by Batenkaitos, he inherited Daphne's connection to mabeasts. He was even able to command the White Whale, one of the three greatest mabeasts in existence.

Outside of his Authority, Lye was a formidable combatant who fought with two Witch Cult daggers that were tied around his forearms. During his fight with Rem, Lye demonstrated incredible speed, moving so quickly that he appeared as a blur. He was capable of at least defeating an injured Rem, who was a formidable fighter in her own right.


  • Witch Cult Gospel: As a member of the Witch Cult, Lye was the owner of a copy of the Witch Cult Gospel. Each Witch Cult Gospel was a replica of the Tome of Wisdom, a book that had been in the possession of the Witch of Greed Echidna. The Tome of Wisdom would provide exact details of future events concerning the Witch of Greed, essentially bestowing Echidna with a form of precognition. Unlike the original Tome of Wisdom, the Gospels of the Witch Cult were imperfect replicas, meaning that, although they detailed the future of its owner, the events conveyed were subject to change and the information provided was often up for interpretation. The Gospels took the form of small black books that could only be read by their owners. Like every Witch Cultist, Batenkaitos followed the details provided in his Gospel unquestionably.


Rem: Who are you two? Tell me!
Lye: A Sin Archbishop of the Witch's Cult, representing gluttony... my name is Lye Batenkaitos.
Regulus: And the Sin Archbishop of the Witch's Cult, representing greed... Regulus Corneas.
~ Lye and Regulus Corneas introducing themselves to Rem.
Rem: Soon enough, a hero will appear and rid the world of all of you. The one and only hero... the one I love.
Lye: Oh? A hero? I look forward to that encounter. And who might you be?
Rem: I am the head maid of the mansion of Margrave Roswaal L. Mathers... the caretaker of my one and only love, defender of my beloved Subaru Natsuki, who will be that hero someday... I'm Rem! Prepare yourself, Sin Archbishop! I promise you, my hero will soon be here to take you down!
~ Rem introducing herself to Lye and Regulus.
Ah, what spirit! I'm certainly going to enjoy... this feast!
~ Lye's words during his fight with Rem.
Yes! Yes! Thank you for the feast!
~ Lye thanking Rem for the feast.

Light Novel Excerpts

During all of this, the other knights had strangely not joined the battle.
"Aaah... No matter how much I eat, it's still not enough! This is why we can't stop livin'. Eat, eat, bite, chew, swallow, swallow more, tear, crush, drink! Gorge! Aaah, that was a feast!"
The same time the insight hit her, the high-pitched voice of a youth reached her from behind.
A chill equal to that caused by the man before her caused Rem to look back in fright. And behind her, at the center of the stopped convoy of dragon carriages, she saw a blood-soaked youth kicking the knights who had fallen before him.
He was a short youth with light-brown hair that went down to the knees. His height was equal to Rem's or even lower; he was probably twelve or thirteen years of age. Under his unkempt hair, he wore tattered clothes over his diminutive frame. His bare limbs were covered in dirt and grime, and stained from large amounts of blood spatter.
Not one of the knights tumbled at his feet were moving. The youth had wiped out the surrounding knights while Crusch was battered in the white-haired man's attack.
~ Rem's assessment of Lye Batenkaitos.
Rem's lips quivered, for she was dumbfounded that she had not even sensed the combat taking place.
Hemmed in by bizarre opponents to the front and the back, Rem picked Crusch up and slowly backed away. Blood flowing from Crusch's wound was staining the grassland red; the air felt chill, as if to mock Rem's fearful heart.
Rem's trembling question prompted man and boy to glance at each other's faces. Then the pair nodded, as if giving each other a signal, whereupon devilish smiles came over both, as if such violent acts were deeply familiar to them; then they introduced themselves.

"Archbishop of the Seven Deadly Sins of the Witch Cult, Regulus Corneas, charged with greed."
"Archbishop of the Seven Deadly Sins of the Witch Cult, Lye Batenkaitos, charged with gluttony."
~ Lye and Regulus Corneas make their introductions.
"Are you here because... we defeated the White Whale? To avenge the demon beast...?"
"Ahh, don't misunderstand. We're not interested in the dead White Whale. We're interested in the people who killed the White Whale. Somehow it did whatever it liked for four hundred years, but you managed to kill it. I hoped you all would be ripe for the slaughter... but it turned out even better than I expected!"
Batenkaitos bared his very sharp teeth as he wildly shook his head in vigorous excitement.
"Love! Chivalrous spirit! Hatred! Tenacity! Triumph! All bottled up and simmering for such a long, long time! Just having them passing down my throat makes me feel full! Is there a more beautiful food in the entire world?! No, no, nay, nothing, surely nothing, certainly nothing, absolutely nothing!! Drink! Gorge! That is what brings joy to our hearts, and our stomachs!!"
Rem couldn't understand anything he said.
Batenkaitos continued to writhe as if he'd dined to excess. As his laugh reverberated for a time, Rem silently shifted her gaze; that gaze caused Regulus to wave a hand with an exasperated look.
~ Lye talking about his motivations behind attacking the convoy.

List of Appearances

Light Novel

Volume 9

  • Interlude: Let Us Feast (First appearance)
  • Chapter 6: To Each Their Vows (Mentioned only)

Volume 10

  • Chapter 1: At the Place of Return (Mentioned only)

Volume 14

  • Chapter 3: The Day Alpha Orionis Laughed (Indirect mention only)
Anime Adaptation
  • Episode 26: Each One's Promise (First appearance)
Manga Adaptation

Chapter 3: Truth of Zero

  • Chapter 52: Let Us Feast (First appearance)
  • Final Episode: To Each, Their Vows... (Appears in imagination)

Chapter 4: The Sanctuary and the Witch of Greed

  • Chapter 1: The Place He Went Home To (Appears in flashback(s))


  • Lye, like every other Sin Archbishop (with the exception of Stride Volakia), is named after a celestial body. "Baten Kaitos" was the traditional name used for Zeta Ceti, a star located in the Cetus constellation. The word was derived from the Arabic term بطن قيطس (batn qaytus), which translates to "belly of the sea monster."
  • The star names of the Gluttony siblings were each linked to the Three Great Mabeasts created by the Witch of Gluttony Daphne four hundred years ago. Lye (sea monster) represented the White Whale, Louis (hare) represented the Great Rabbit, and Roy (hydra) represented the Black Serpent.

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