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When the five weapons cross, the jet-black soldier ZAIA is born. I AM THE PRESIDENT!
~ Kamen Rider ZAIA's transformation announcement.
Come on!
~ Lyon Arkland as Kamen Rider ZAIA fighting MetsubouJinrai.

Lyon Arkland is the CEO of ZAIA Enterprise headquarters and the main antagonist of Zero-One Others: Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai, and a posthumous antagonist of Zero-One Others: Kamen Rider Vulcan & Valkyrie.

He is the one responsible for producing the Solds, and his end goal is to create an enemy of humanity that he can use to exploit the arms market by selling Solds to fight it. He is also responsible for bringing about Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai through enslaving the MetsubouJinrai.NET members using the MassBrain key. He is also the creator of Ark satelite.

By inserting the Triceratops and Carnotaurus Zetsumerisekeys together into the ZAIA Thousandriver, Lyon transforms into Kamen Rider ZAIA.

He is portrayed by Jai West.



Lyon Arkland was the CEO of ZAIA at the time when it worked with Hiden Intelligence and several other tech companies to develop an autonomous AI satellite to oversee Daybreak Town, which was named the "Ark" in his own honor.

However, the project was sabotaged by Gai Amatsu, who saw HumaGears as a threat to mankind and fed the satellite information on humanity's capacity for violence in order to make it go rogue, resulting in the Ark hacking all the HumaGears present in Daybreak Town and destroying the city.

Zero-One Others: Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai

Meeting with the board of ZAIA's international branch representatives, Lyon was asked about the performance of Gai Amatsu as head of ZAIA's Japan Branch before announcing, with many of the board members expressing their disapproval. It was brought up that Lyon was the one who personally nominated Gai, but Lyon dismissed responsibility. Lyon then announced that ZAIA would be beginning production of Soldier HumaGears, despite reluctance from the cancel, and informed them he had to go before using his ZAIASpec to shut off the call. Lyon was then approached by Azu, who offered him a Zero-One Driver and attempted to persuade him to become the new incarnation of the Ark, but Lyon turned her down.

Accompanied by Sold9 and Sold20, Lyon Arkland went to kidnap Jin so he could be used for the Mass Brain system meant to link the Sold HumaGears. Lyon became Kamen Rider ZAIA while Sold9 and Sold20 assumed their SoldMagia forms and defeated both Jin and Horobi. They then took Jin hostage and brought him back to ZAIA's Japan branch. As he returned with Sold20, Lyon was confronted by Gai Amatsu about why he had taken a ThousanDriver from his branch without asking, but Lyon simply stated that as CEO all products manufactured by ZAIA were his to use, and had Sold20 choke Gai against a wall before releasing him when he continued to push back.

Lyon then had Jin brought before him and Azu, and revealed to him that when he was rebuilt he was made into the original prototype of the Solds, Sold0. He then forces Jin to link to the MassBrain system so he could become its connection manager. The other MetsubouJinrai Riders then show up to save Jin, only for Lyon to reveal it to be a trap and to have his Solds become SoldMagia to attack them.

By using the MassBrain key to combine their data, the four members merged into Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai and defeated the Solds before returning to their separate bodies. Pleased with the new Kamen Rider's power, Lyon reveals his true goal involves not malice, but his own view of justice. He explains he intends to make MetsubouJinrai out to be an enemy of humanity to drive up sales of his Solds on the arms market. Azu then confronts Lyon, viewing his true goals as a betrayal, to which Lyon states that the fight between Aruto Hiden and the Ark made Lyon come to the conclusion that justice was stronger than malice, and that when two differing views of justice collide it gives rise to endless war. As Azu continues to protest, Lyon mockingly shoots her and has his Solds gun her down.

Lyon's next move would be to crash an AIMS press conference held by Yua Yaiba and accused the organization of working with to carry out attacks, using the fact that they employed Naki as evidence. Lyon's point was further bolstered when MetsubouJinrai.NET broadcast a message announcing they would attack the ZAIA Japan building to liberate the Solds. Because of Lyon's accusations, AIMS' relationship with the other police forces became strained and they were benched for the time being.

Becoming Kamen Rider ZAIA again, Lyon led the Solds to meet the Riders in open battle. After becoming Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai again however, was able to free the Solds from the Massbrain Network before facing Lyon in one-on-one combat. Despite Lyon's best efforts, he was overpowered and defeated by the hybrid Rider. Though fatally injured, Lyon was satisfied that he had brought about a new enemy of humanity to be destroyed. As his final words, Lyon proclaimed "ZAIA forever" before falling over dead.


Lyon is a highly-intelligent and self-righteous individual motivated by greed. He genuinenly believes that his actions, whether malicious or not, is justified and declares his Solds to be "weapons of justice". He is very charismatic and adept at manipulating public opinion, able to convince the public to turn on A.I.M.S. with his persuasive skills. He also seems to enjoy combat and never runs from a fight, beckoning MetsubouJinrai to keep attacking him even as he was getting beaten.




  • The suit of Kamen Rider ZAIA was created by painting the suit of Kamen Rider Thouser black, while its undersuit was taken from Kamen Rider Ark-Zero. It would later be repurposed as Kamen Rider Thouser's Bugster-infected form in the Kamen Rider Genm -The Presidents- web special.


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