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And still, you hid this form? You must have been seeing the world in the same way I was. The unlimited greed of humans has sent the world spinning into chaos! Have you not felt that? If I had not raised my objections, the world would continue on its warped path! But now you choose to appear. What could possibly be left to defend? You have no right!
~ Lysandre to Zygarde.

Lysandre is the main antagonist of Pokémon the Series: XYZ, and the overarching antagonist of Pokemon anime's "Mega Evolution Specials". He serves the leader of Team Flare and the archenemy of Zygarde.

He was voiced by Hideaki Tezuka in Japanese and Tyler Bunch in English.


Lysandre made his debut in the anime in "Mega Evolution Special I". Though he was not identified as the caller at the time, he contacted Alain via the Holo Caster, directing him to where a new Mega Stone could be found. He also was seen observing the power of Alain's Mega Charizard X during its battle with Siebold's Mega Blastoise.

He appeared again in "Mega Evolution Special II", in which he traveled to Hoenn. He intervened in Alain's battle with Steven, and introduced Alain and Steven properly to each other. It was revealed that in the past, he defeated Alain in a battle over an Ampharosite, then took Alain to Lysandre Labs and recruited him to work in a project to harness the energy of Mega Evolution for peaceful purposes.

Lysandre was also the one who awarded Alain his Mega Ring and Charizardite X, though he asked Alain to not tell Professor Sycamore of the research, fearing that people with bad intentions would bring harm to him in order to obtain it. Later, he traveled with Alain, Mairin and Steven to a ruin, where they uncovered an ancient megalith. However, his research on the megalith accidentally summoned Rayquaza, who destroyed the area. After the encounter with Rayquaza, Lysandre discovered a similar energy reading to the megalith near Rustboro City, and asked Alain to go there and investigate. He also covertly ordered Alain to keep a close eye on Steven, for the Hoenn Champion had precious information on Mega Evolution.

He reappeared in "Mega Evolution Special III", where he gave instructions to Alain and Steven. After Mega Rayquaza defeated both Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, he had the megalith, which had reappeared during the battle of the Legendary Pokémon, taken away with his submarine for further studies.

Lysandre appeared again in "Mega Evolution Special IV", where he observed Alain's battles against ten Mega Evolution Trainers while his scientists researched the megalith. After Chespie, Mairin's Chespin, who had interfered with the experiments performed on a Zygarde Core, was hospitalized, Lysandre told the victorious Alain that he had to continue gathering data on Mega Evolution if Chespie was to recover. He was also shown to be close to Malva, who served as Alain's final opponent. Lysandre also has a major antagonistic role in the XY&Z arc, making appearances in "From A to Z!" and "Meeting at Terminus Cave!" studying Squishy alongside Xerosic.

He reappeared in "A Meeting of Two Journeys!", where he was contacted by Alain via Holo Caster, who wanted to know if Mairin's Chespie's condition had improved or not. Later, he reappeared in the next episode, overseeing the operation to capture Z2 alongside Xerosic. At the end of the episode, he received Z2.

He appeared again in "Championing a Research Battle!" and then again in "A Full-Strength Battle Surprise!", receiving mission reports from Xerosic.

He reappeared in "Kalos League Passion with a Certain Flare!", where he was talking to a man inside a building at the Lumiose Conference. He soon got a call on a Holo Caster that an Admin was holding, from Xerosic, who was in the front seat of a truck that was just outside the Lumiose Gym. Later on at night, he met Ash for the first time and discussed the capability of Ash's Greninja to take on its different form in battle. After his conversation with him, he was shown with an annoyed expression, before turning towards the Lumiose Gym and smirking. Lysandre later talked to Mairin after she ran up to him and he put on a happy expression. The next day, Lysandre was seated in a private viewing box with a glass window inside the Lumiose Conference's stadium, along with Mairin and the same Admin, and they all watched as Ash and Alain each walked towards their respective sides of the battlefield in the Lumiose Conference's stadium, for the final round of the Conference.

He appeared again in "Finals Not for the Faint-Hearted!" and "Down to the Fiery Finish!", where he watched Ash and Alain's battle in the finals of the Lumiose Conference. Towards the end of "Down to the Fiery Finish!", his true egotistical, narcissistic nature is revealed as he uses the power of Z2 to bring the whole of Kalos into his control, taking over Lumiose City and subsequently the Lumiose Conference, which had just been concluded.

He reappeared in "A Towering Takeover!", where he revealed himself as the leader of Team Flare to the entire Kalos Region and televised a message to the citizens of Kalos about his plan for creating a new, beautiful world by exterminating the entire human population. Lysandre even order his team members to find and captured Ash, as he realized that he would't cooperate with him once he knew the truth about him and used his Pokémon as hostages. Later, Lysandre explains Alain his true reasons for his work with Mega Evolution, much to his shock.

He reappeared in "Coming Apart at the Dreams!", where he explained his motivations. Much like in the games, he once had a generous nature and would help those in need. However, after those he supported grew accustomed to his aid and turned greedy, he became disillusioned with the human race. Because of this, he intended to "restart" the world, and he attempted to control Ash and Greninja the same way he did Zygarde so that Ash could be the guide of the new world. Ash, however, defied Lysandre and used the Bond Phenomenon to break free. Following this turn of events, Lysandre equipped his machine and started a fight with Ash and the defecting Alain using his Pyroar and his Shiny Mega Gyarados. Pyroar was defeated through a joint attack by Noivern, Hawlucha, and Pikachu.

He reappeared in "The Right Hero for the Right Job!", where he defeated the majority of Ash's team, Just as he was about to Kill Ash and Alain. He was surprised when Malva appeared to help Alain and Ash, Malva attempts to Convince him, but Lysandre denies by saying that she will die with the children, and nonetheless remained confident even after Clemont and Bonnie freed the two Zygarde under his control.

He appeared again in "Rocking Kalos Defenses!", where he was finally beaten by Ash and Alain. Refusing to surrender, Lysandre seemingly killed himself by jumping off the Prism Tower. It was afterwards revealed that Lysandre had planned for the Megalith to transform into a copy of Zygarde, which would engulf the Anistar City Sundial and release enough energy to wipe out all life on the planet. He made one final appearance in "Forming a More Perfect Union!", where he revived the Megalith Zygarde after it had been temporarily stopped by Ash, Alain, Steven, Malva, Diantha, and all of the Kalos Gym Leaders. He was ultimately defeated by Zygarde and Z2 after they transformed into Zygarde Complete Forme and destroyed the Megalith Zygarde. Lysandre was last seen when he seemingly died upon being Decomposing by Zygarde's Core Enforcer.


Unlike his game counterpart, where he shows honor towards his enemies and remorse for his actions, the anime version of Lysandre serves as a violent, wrathful, manipulative and hypocritical person, serving as a genocidal psychopath. Whom first presents himself in a fake personality as a calm, respected man, who works together with the scientists of his own laboratory, the Lysandre Labs, in order to craft many products to create a better future, however his dark side can be seen after when he is revealed to be controlling Team Flare, where he is seen as a person who is willing to exploit people for his own benefits, such as using Alain to retrieve Megastones across the world without telling him the overall goal, using Mairin's comatose Chespin as a fuel to activate the Megalith, and kidnapping Ash Ketchum and using a ray to brainwash and torture him.

Lysandre's opportunistic and wrathful personality serves him as one of the dangerous villains that Ash has ever faced, as Lysandre was willing to do anything to continue his plan to end the human race, even that means hurting and possibly killing people, including children, such as attempting to incinerate Ash and Alain with his Pokémons, and willing to fire a destructive missile towards a group of Gym Leaders that also includes children.

Lysandre himself also shows to be an sadistic person, where he is seen smiling while looking at the destruction of Lumiose city and the torture of Ash.



  • Lysandre, like Giovanni, is the boss of the organization that actually owns Pokémon; all the other ones only controlled Pokémon and have never shown to have caught one.
    • In addition, like Ghetsis had Colress take control of Reshiram, Lysandre had Xerosic take control of Zygarde, the regional Legendary Pokémon.
  • Lysandre is the second person to own a Shiny Gyarados, the first being Lance.
  • Alike Cyrus, Lysandre is the second villainous team leader to die onscreen. However, while Cyrus is seen vanishing into the void, Lysandre's death is certain by the words of Xerosic, and his body decomposing inside the Megalith.


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