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Müller is a major antagonist of Edens Zero. He is a scientist who claimed to be working to restore a dying, Machine-inhabited planet Hook to health, but in reality, he and his coworkers were android-hating xenophobes who were planning to exploit Hermit to destroy Hook, and the ones responsible for Hermit's loss of faith in humanity, as well as Jinn and Kleene's tragic past.

He was voiced by Yōhei Tadano in Japanese and John Snyder in English.


Müller is an old man who is neatly-dressed with a lab coat and an ID tag, showing his profession as a member of his research center. He also has a mustache and a long nose.

15 years ago, Müller had short, neatly combed hair. Two years later, his hair has grown longer and less neatly combed, in addition, he has grown a stubble and his eyes appear crazed, which are clear indications of his degrading sanity.


Initially, Müller appeared to be a kind, old man who wanted to save a dying planet filled with abandoned Machines, but in reality, he and his coworkers all look down on Machines, seeing them as nothing but junk and happily destroying or abusing them, not hesitating to state how humans are superior to Machines and freely admitting that he can't stand them. As soon as Hook was destroyed, Müller revealed his true colors, ordering his coworkers to dispose of Hermit, calling her "garbage," only sparing her at the suggestion of his subordinate to keep her around for experiments.

After two years of abusing Hermit for his own amusement, Müller's sanity has degraded from his continuous abuse of Hermit, taking sadistic joy in beating her and seeing her as his property, the latter shown during his arrest, demanding the military soldiers to keep their hands off her.

Following his conversion as a cyborg and allying himself with Ziggy, his views on Machines have changed entirely, but for the very worse. His cybernetic body gave him a new sense of superiority over humans, as well as a strong craving for power. As a result, he has become more deranged and obsessed with experimenting on both humans and Machines, particularly on Hermit, in which he admits her body was the best inflict pain upon.

He also believes to have been treated unfairly by his captors, believing that someone envied his work and that his imprisonment was all part of a conspiracy and harbours a strong hatred towards them for doing so.



Müller 15 years ago

15 years ago, on the planet Newton, Müller showed Hermit the sixth prototype of the Ether Accelerator for his Plan C7, claiming that it can be used to save the Machines of the planet Hook. When Hermit asked why he wanted to save Hook, Müller told her that humans and Machines could not live without each other and that he believed in friendship between humans and Machines, which inspired Hermit to help him in his work.

Later, on February 18, Year X477, Plan C7 began and Hermit asked Müller to be her friend, to which the deceptive old man replied that they already were. Then, the project began and the Ether Accelerator Beam was fired at Hook. As Hermit shed tears of joy for Hook's revival, she was surprised to hear that all the Ether receivers on Hook were receiving problems and soon, the overload of Ether causes Hook to be destroyed, to Hermit's shock, at which point Müller and the other scientists reveal their true colors, celebrating the destruction of Hook and all the Machines there. As Hermit asks for an explanation, Müller immediately orders her to be disposed of and pridefully reveals his true bigoted views on Machines. However, one of Müller's subordinates suggests that they spare Hermit, deeming her to be a useful test subject to which the black-hearted scientist agrees.

Two years later, Müller's sanity is shown to be degrading as he abuses a broken Hermit for his own amusement, to the point that his equally Machine-prejudiced subordinates start feeling sorry for Hermit. Sometime later, the Interstellar Union Army conducts a raid on the laboratory to arrest the scientists for their crimes. They find the basement where Hermit is locked up and blows open the door. As he's being taken away, Müller demands the soldiers to stay away from his "test subject," but the soldiers ignore him and tells him that his research center is finished.

Following this incident, he escapes from custody though losing some body parts and having to mechanically modify himself with O-Parts, heattacks the Rutherford family which was formerly one of his financial backers, murdering the parents, and kidnapping the children Kris and Kleene to subject them to unethical experiments, essentially resulting in them being traumatized and is the reason for Jinn becoming a cyborg and for Kleene's deep inner trauma.

Foresta Arc

As Hermit and Weisz enter the main server room to shut down the virus that is making the Machines of Foresta enslave humans, they encounter Müller, whose body has been further modified. He notes how Ziggy was right that he might encounter Hermit if he stayed in the room and greets Hermit with an even more crazed expression than in the past, calling her his "darling little piece of junk" and asks if she would like to continue their experiment with a twisted cackle, as Hermit looks on in terror.

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