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M.E.C.H. is a terrorist organization in the Transformers Prime series. They are the secondary human antagonists in the franchise, before their disbanding and betrayal.

Its ultimate goal is to create a new world order with technology. They always try to have the "most radical" technology. Optimus Prime calls them Earth's own Decepticons in human skin.

It is unknown as of now exactly what M.E.C.H. stands for, if anything.

The highest ranking officer seen so far is a man named Silas. It is unknown if he is the leader or just high ranking.


M.E.C.H. first appeared in an episode entitled Convoy where they attacked a convoy, which unknown to them was made up of Autobots, to get a nuclear device. When the Autobots transformed to fend off a Decepticon Trooper attack Silas was intrigued.

They later appeared in "Operation Breakdown". They manage to capture the Decepticon Breakdown and start disecting him beginning with his optic. Eventually Bulkhead arrives to rescue Breakdown and the lab is destroyed. Silas however claims that they have enough data to go forward with "Project Chimera".

They were seen again in the next episode called "Crisscross". Silas and a group of men fell for a trap by Airachnid who makes a deal with them. If they help her capture Jack and Arcee then they will live and can have whatever is left of Arceee when Airachnid is done with her. M.E.C.H. managed to capture Jack's mother, June. WHen Jack arrives on Arcee to save her Arcee is immobilized by M.E.C.H. soldiers. Airachnid gives Jack a sporting chance to rescue his mother by midnight. When midnight arrives Airachnid moves in to kill the humans. During this time Silas orders the soldiers to disect Arcee's heart even though he promised Airachnid she could have first pickings at Arcee. Luckily Agent Fowler arrives and stops Airachnid and forces M.E.C.H. to retreat before they can get any part of Arcee. However Silas does get a glimpse of Airachnid scanning a vehicle mode which he finds interesting.


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