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You see, your father has been the milk of my business. But even milk has an expiration date.
~ M. Bison before he murders Xiang.

M. Bison was the main antagonist in the 2009 film Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li based on the video game character of the same name.

He was played by Neal McDonough.



Bison was born in Bangkok, Thailand to Irish missionary parents, who later abandoned him when he was an infant. From childhood to adolescence, he lived his entire life engaging in acts of theft and small-time robbery.

As he reached adulthood, M. Bison met a woman whom he fell in love and married. During her pregnancy, they journeyed to many places wherein he took her to a mystic cave where he sacrificed her in its bowels and imbued his daughter, Rose, with the goodness of his soul, thus ridding himself of any sense of conscience.

As Rose was sent to another country, Bison returned to Bangkok and built Shadaloo, a multi-leveled criminal syndicate disguised as a corporation. The syndicate is comprised of a plutarchy of an unknown number of powerful crime families that have connections ranging from the country's local mafiosos to even factions of the government (in the film's current case, the Department of Commerce).

Though M. Bison's full goals are not divulged, his first order of business is to buy up an entire waterfront district and restructure it specifically for the wealthy and elite, thus further adding to the funding of his operations.

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li

One day, Bison sends Shadaloo henchmen to Hong Kong, where they plot a kidnapping scheme. By night, they attack the household of Chinese-American Chun-Li, who had just moved in from San Francisco, where they kidnap her father, businessman Xiang. Bison later makes Ziang work for him as he announces complete control of every crime syndicate.

As Chun Li is mentored by Gen, a former comrade of Bison, on martial arts and Shadaloo, Bison continues his illegal activities such as holding families hostage to make them sign over their property to Shadaloo. One of these involves the forced handover of rights to a dock harbor, which allows the shipment of the "White Rose", of which Chun Li overhears. On the night of that day, Bison's secretary Cantana, lounges in a nightclub wherein she is attacked by Chun-Li, who forces her to give information on the location of the "White Rose", which she reluctantly does. Because of this, Cantana is murdered by Bison the next morning.

Bison later sends troops to attack Gen, of which they blow up his house, but Gen unknowingly escapes before the explosion. Following the failure of the mercenaries, Bison sends a masked assassin named Vega, who is easily defeated by Chun Li. The next morning, Chun-Li interrogates a harbor employee who tells her the arrival time of the White Rose. She returns to the shipping yard that night, but is captured by Bison and his soldiers. Tied up and taken into an undisclosed house, she is reunited with Xiang, only for Bison to murder him.

In order to take Bison down, Chun-Li teams up with authorities and they return to the shipping yard, where they uncover a bomb planted by Bison. During the battle between them and the Shadaloo forces, a ship containing the "White Rose" arrives, wherein Chun-Li suspects Bison has entered it but encounters a Russian Asian girl whom she converses with. In the middle of more fights, Bison arrives and takes the girl, revealed to be his grown-up daughter Rose, back to his headquarters by helicopter.

In the headquarters, Bison and his forces continue to engage in fights but are outnumbered. As Nash takes Rose to safety with other law enforcement officers escorting them, Bison continues his fight with Chun-Li, who weakens him with poles and sandbags. After he is knocked off by a Kikoken, Chun-Li twists his head around by use of her legs, eventually killing him.

It is unknown whether or not M. Bison's powers will resurrect him, however, in a deleted scene where Nash is comforting Rose, her eyes glow with a deep red, indicating that Bison's soul took possession of Rose's body in order to return to the living world.


Similar to the 1994 version, Bison is an egomaniac, as well as a megalomaniac with the ultimate goal of ruling on top, in this case corporations and crime syndicates. These however, are toned down.

He is depicted as being uncomfortably upbeat about everything, as he usually reveals shortly afterward that he is in control of almost every element of espionage and intrigue he is involved with.

There is a moderately less supernatural background with Bison than there was with his video game and anime counterparts.

Powers and Abilities

Unlike the video games, his raw physical power is seen to borderline on unearthly, as he usually only required one punch or kick to send an opponent hurtling through the air. His power is first exhibited during his introduction, where his spiritual energy was so immense it heralded his arrival by a soft breeze inside Chun-Li's family manor.


  • Bison is depicted as born to Irish parents. His actor, Neal McDonough, is of Irish descent.
  • Due to the character written as a businessman-turned crime boss, the producers of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li decided to change his costume to a business attire.
  • His personality is based on many real-life crime bosses such as Al Capone and Gregory Scarpa.


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