That briefcase is your objective. Inside is the M-9 Assassin: the first semi-autonomous attack drone powered by atmospheric energy. Never shuts down. Never stops pursuing its target.
~ Joy Jenkins introducing the M-9 Assassin.

The M-9 Assassins (also known as Killer Drones) are supporting antagonists in Blue Sky's 13th and final animated feature film Spies in Disguise.

They are highly equipped assassin drones created by the H.T.U.V. agency, used by Killian throughout the film. They are designed to kill every locked target until success.


The drones are big, round, and dark grey with a single red eye and two pinches that function like arms. They possess a highly equipped weaponry that includes powerful lasers, tasers, and guns filled with bullets.


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  • The original M-9 Assassin killed 4 people onscreen.
  • It's unknown how Katsu Kimura stole the original M9 Assassin.
  • Although the M-9 Assassins serve as supporting antagonists, they are the deadliest and most dangerous threats in the film.


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