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The MERCs are an antagonistic faction in Madness: Project Nexus 2. They are one of three enemy factions in the game, with the other two being the A.A.H.W. and the Nexus Core. They are a barely functioning group that roams Nevada, with some of their members being former A.A.H.W. units. However, the incident at the Nexus Core allowed its leaders to seize the weapons and means to train its units to be more effective.

MERC also appear as antagonists in several Madness Combat tribute and fan animations.


Gunner Class 0

Class 0s are newly conscripted MERCs with low skill. Despite their low skill they frequently dual-wield. Many of them are dropouts from the A.A.H.W. They are often used as a distraction so that more specialized classes can work behind the chaos they create.

Gunner Class 1

Class 1s are more bold and fast units, clad in ballistic masks and body armor. They typically pair with Gunner Class 2.

Gunner Class 2

Class 2s serve as snipers and sharpshooters. Unlike Class 1s they don't wear any armor. They typically rifles, and fire in single of short bursts. They also tend to keep their distance from a battle, to both avoid getting hurt and to provide an effective range.

Gunner Class 3

Class 3 is the most effective and elite type of gunner. They are covered from head to toe in heavy armor that provide no "weak point." They favor TMGS and Automatic Shotguns, and are usually seen with swarms of Class 0s and 1s.

MERC Captain

MERC Captains lead small squads. They are typically moderately armored and buff the morale of any surrounding MERC units. They carry light arms and are an astonishingly decent shot. Much like Class 2 Gunners, they prefer to stay away from the fray.

MERC Sarge

MERC Sarges lead larger squads. Like Captains, they influence the morale of nearby units but their buffing range is far wider and can affect soldiers several rooms over. They also possess greater firepower than captains.