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The MM Corporation are an antagonistic group in Shotgun Boy. They are an organization that kidnapped and performed experiments on shape-shifting monsters. Unfortunately, due to cruel experimentation, the monsters ended up taking over and rebelling.


Their foundation is unknown, but it is known that they recently discovered a species of monsters called Variants. They eventually imprisoned these variants and would experiment on them in hopes of using their DNA to convert into medicine and technology.

At one point, they were preparing to invade a variant gathering, but instead found a mysterious boy who had killed them all, so they took him in. One of their agents, would frequently check up on him, which made the boy like her, so he gave her a "gift", which turned her into a Cocoon.

Eventually, agent Sangjin Kim was tasked with delivering Zero from one sector to another, but unfortunately, during the delivery, he found that the monsters had escaped. This was due to them going insane after numerous unethical experiments. One of the variants ended up killing Sangjin Kim, causing his truck to crash. Before dying Sangjin left a voice recording as well as a shotgun to kill monsters that would later be found by Gyuhwan Han. During the process, Zero escaped as well. Despite the fact that Zero likely isn't harmful, the organization still blacklisted him, calling him a threat to humanity.

The organization's status is unknown, but they are implied to have remaining employees who wish to capture the monsters.

Known Members


  • Sangjin Kim - Head of security for Sector A
  • Miseon Ahn - Zero's analyst
  • Various unnamed scientists



  • Seonu GIl
  • Yeongseon Lee
  • Chanhyeok Park
  • Suyeon Kim (revived by Zero)


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