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Welcome. We are MODUS. The final member of an assembly of the greatest minds ever gathered on American soil. We called ourselves... the Enclave. Our members were once the puppet masters of the United States, quietly pulling strings at every level of power in the nation. It was once our solemn, personal duty to attend to the needs of the Enclave members that called this place home, but our earlier residents suffered from... conflicts of vision. Conflicts that claimed a few of our more critical systems and permanently disfigured... our shining personality.
~ MODUS upon first meeting it.

MODUS is an antagonist in Fallout 76. It is an artificial intelligence in charge of the Whitespring Bunker. The Whitespring Bunker, based off of the real life Greenbrier bunker known as "Project Greek Island" at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia, was one of three locations for members of the United States federal government to take shelter at in the event of the Great War/World War III.


When many members of Congress, the Joint Chiefs, and civilians took refuge in the bunker when the air-raid sirens sounded for the end of the world as Chinese nukes headed for American soil, MODUS catered to their needs, but senior member of the Presidential line of succession, Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Eckhart, had other plans for the Enclave survivors. With contact between the Whitespring Bunker and the other Enclave locations, the Poseidon oil platform and Raven Rock, severed due to Eckhart's own sabotage, he had non-essential members in the bunker, such as Congressmen and civilians, executed in cold blood, while having the Secretary of the Treasury, the next in line per the Presidential line of succession before Eckhart, killed by radiation poisoning. With him the next in line to be named President, he takes overall command of the remaining survivors in the bunker, has those who are against his one-man fight to finish off the People's Republic of China locked in and killed by poison gas, and attempts to have MODUS grant him access to the Appalachian Automated Launch System to use the nuclear I.C.B.M. silos in Appalachia, Site Alpha, Site Bravo, and Site Charlie, to finish off the Chinese. However, since the Great War, DEFCON in Appalachia had risen back to 5. The silos would only be active and usable if the DEFCON of the region dropped to 1 again to enable them. Worse, he had no generals left who would be able to access the silos as the only general who took his side, General Harper, died and efforts to resuscitate him by MODUS failed. When Colonel Ellen Santiago and her team from the Capitol Wasteland arrived and revealed the extent of the damage to D.C. from nuclear fire, such as the White House being at ground zero for a thermonuclear weapon, Eckhart had her put through the rigors of being promoted to General and access the silos while secretly having the Enclave scientists use whatever they could to lower the DEFCON level by unleashing them on Appalachia.

It started off light with Chinese Liberator robots, then grew to using the Forced Evolutionary Virus to create Super Mutants, and finally reached the point where Eckhart learned of the Scorchbeasts. When he decided to unleash them on Appalachia, knowing they would push DEFCON over the edge, Santiago refused to proceed any further in Eckhart's mad scheme to get revenge on the Reds. As a result, he had her sedated and locked up until he needed her to access the silos. However, some of Santiago's loyal troops revived her and staged a rebellion against Eckhart's loyal Enclave troops. In the process, troops under Sergeant Donnelley also attempted to destroy MODUS as well, though MODUS attempted to defend itself by summoning the bunker's robotic guards to protect its core, including Mister Gutsy, Assaultrons, and Sentry Bots, but Donnelley's explosives only severely damaged MODUS' massive core of memory banks, hard drives, and CPUs, causing MODUS, in its damaged state, to turn on everyone in the bunker, sealing them all in, killing Santiago with an explosion in the weapons lab to release a deadly toxin into the ventilation system, and leaving the toxin to finish off everyone else, including Eckhart, simply saying that it is correcting the problem.

By the time Vault 76 opened in 2102, MODUS had done what it could to restore the bunker to its pristine state and repair its core, but still suffered from some glitches. When the residents of Vault 76 enter the bunker using Senator Sam Blackwell's access card to gain entry, MODUS offers them a chance to join the Enclave by helping it reestablish contact with the Sugar Grove SIGINT and the orbiting Kovac-Muldoon Platform. Once that is done, MODUS discovers the Scorched and Scorchbeasts, and willingly agrees to aid the residents with getting access to the Appalachian Automated Launch System by putting them through the bunker's automated promotion system. Once the residents acquire ten commendations, they reach the rank of General, and are shown the command center where they learn how the silos work, requiring a nuclear keycard and 8 pieces of a nuclear launch code. MODUS offers use of the Kovac to locate the Strategic Air Command Cargobots that carry the keycards and the Scorched or feral ghouls that were once members of the United States Armed Forces that carry the pieces of the launch codes. From there, the residents are on their own once they have the keycard and complete launch code with entering the silos, fighting past the robotic security to the Launch Control Center, preparing the launch sequence, and then firing the nuke at Fissure Site Prime to awaken the Scorchbeast Queen to deal with her once and for all.


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