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Ma is one of the main antagonists in Wrong Turn 2 and is a member of the Odet Family.

She was portrayed by Ashlea Earl.


Ma is first seen alongside her daughter Sister when she's giving birth to Three Toe, while Mara and Nina hide in their bedroom. Eventually, Sister spots them and tries breaking into the room to kill them, but they escape.

Ma is seen again later with her husband/brother Pa, stealing the film crew's van and kidnapping Michael. She later decapitates him off-camera in order to prepare him for her family's dinner.

After Colonel Dale Murphy kills Brother and Sister with an explosive arrow, it's Ma who discovers what's left of their bodies and shows Pa their torn and burnt clothes, sending them both into a rage. After Murphy frees Nina and Jake, she has her revenge when she throws a weighted length of barbed wire around his neck and he quickly bleeds to death.

Ma is finally killed when Nina pushes a button on a tree trimming machine and is pushed into it along with Pa, grinding them both up into basically nothing.



  • Michael "M" Epstein - Decapitated off-camera by Ma.
  • Colonel Dale Murphy - Shot in the back with two arrows by Pa, weighted barbed wire wrapped around his neck by Ma, quickly bleeds to death.



  • Along with Three Finger, Saw Tooth, One Eye, and Pa, they are the first generation of mutants in the Odet family.
  • She's also in the first generation in the Odet family to also have Congenital Analgesia, a disease that causes an inability to feel any kind of physical pain. This is evidenced when she gives birth and is up fighting and preparing meals in the same day as if it was nothing when most other women either pass out or die from the sheer amount of pain and stress on their bodies.


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