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Catherine "Ma" Beagle is one of the three main antagonists (alongside Flintheart Glomgold and Magica De Spell) of the 2017 reboot series DuckTales, serving as a major antagonist in all 3 seasons.

She is the mother and leader of the Beagle Boys who are constantly try to rob the extremely wealthy Scrooge McDuck.

She was voiced by Margo Martindale.


Ma Beagle is a cruel and cunning criminal mastermind. She commands her boys to rampage the town or rob Scrooge. She is a master strategist as she made through any problem and does it successfully; far better than any other beagle.

Although she acts like a parent figure to most of her Boys, she is shown to have little to no respect for any of them. This is proven in "Treasure of the Found Lamp!" when she is able to steal the supposedly magical lamp from Scrooge, and her first wish was to have better kids.



Catherine Beagle was born to an Unammed Mother and an Unnamed Father in BeagleBurg. When she was a little girl, Ma Beagle and her family lived in a community that belonged to Scrooge's family, Fort Duckburg. Scrooge arrives asking for the deed back from the beagle family who agreed through an arm wrestling competition. Scrooge discovers that the family is cheating and Scrooge outs them; winning the competition and getting his land back. After Scrooge left with the deed, This caused Ma Beagle to take over the Beagle Family affairs booting her father and taking over the Beagle Family affairs, vowing to get revenge on Scrooge for stealing the deed of her Grandpa Beagle as mayor.

Season 1

Ma Beagle first appears in "Daytrip of Doom", She is mentioned by Big Time after the latter notices Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby walking to Funso the Beagle Boys sneak into the Funzone dressed up as the company mascot, and try to capture the kids during an arcade game Webby is participating in. Webby gets so into the game that she doesn't realize Bouncer sneaking up on her, and she accidentally beats up the Beagle Boys, who then trips over the arcade cords and thus erases all high scores. Beagle Boys (who are still in their disguises) then kidnapped Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby, as they ties them up in a rope where Big Time see calls for their mother, Ma Beagle, to see their bounty after they tied them in. Meanwhile, Big Time orders the other Beagle Boys to send Scrooge a ransom note for the kids' safety, but instead knocks Donald unconscious with the brick used to send the note. Donald eventually regains consciousness, and after reading the ransom note, makes his way back to Mrs. Beakley to inform her about the kidnapping.

As Ma Beagle arrives at Funzone, she becomes annoyed that the Beagle Boys captured Scrooge's kids and thus effectively making themselves his targets. At that moment, Donald and Mrs. Beakley arrive, having been informed of the kids' capture due to a failed ransom note sent to Donald. While Beakley tries to coordinate an attack strategy, Donald, completely furious that the Beagles have his nephews, gives in to his rage and pummels the Beagles. Beakley then admits that he can take care of himself before joining in.

Webby manages to get out of her ropes, although she's worried about how the boys think of her after everything. The boys tell Webby that they would never judge her, and she shouldn't be worried about what she's good at. With their encouragement, Webby devises a plan to beat Ma Beagle. Using themselves as diversions, the boys pretend to be Webby to trick Ma Beagle into following them, and soon the villainous beagle gets herself trapped in the ball pit and in a net places by Webby. Donald and Beakley enter with the battered Beagle Boys, much to Ma Beagle's discontent, and the duck family reunites.

She appears in "The Beagle Birthday Massacre!" Where The Beagle Boys gathering for her birthday. Webby urges Lena to get out of the junkyard to prevent anyone from noticing them only to accidentally bump into Bouncer Beagle, who decides to give Webby to Ma Beagle as a birthday present. Lena yjen sneaks up onto the podium where Ma Beagle is and pushes her birthday cake into the beagle's face. Angered by the prank, Ma Beagle orders the boys to capture them as the ducks run away.

the Beagle Boys spot them and drive a truck towards them; fortunately for them, the truck is too big for the alleyway they ran into and Webby finds a fire escape ladder, and the two ducks escape to the rooftops. They overhear a set of the Beagle Boys with a radio to Ma Beagle notifying where they are. To cover their tracks, the girls pretend to be a British offset of the Beagle Boys called the "Beagle Birds" and successfully commandeer the radio from them. Happy over their feat, the girls decide to celebrate their escape at a nearby playground.

At the amphitheater, the Beagle Boys are holding Lena captive. Webby and the triplets sneak around by boat and try to untie Lena in time; however, they end up getting spotted by the Beagles and all the ducks are captured.

With Lena and Webby tied up next to each other, the Beagles celebrate the capture as Ma Beagle heads over. Webby and Lena ask the Beagles who gets to hand them over to Ma Beagle; as none of the Beagles are willing to share the victory, the Beagle Boys end up brawling each other, buying the kids time to escape. Soon after, Ma Beagle shows up and, noticing the Beagles came empty-handed, revokes celebration of the Beagle Boys' birthdays as punishment.

In "McMystery at McDuck McManor!", Ma Beagle appears as one of the three guests (along with Flintheart Glomgold and [[Mark In "McMystery at McDuck McManor!", Glomgold is invited to Scrooge's birthday party, where he and the other guests (Ma Beagle and Mark Beaks) wear costumes to hide their identities. After Huey discovers someone snuck behind stage and opened Black Arts Beagle's Abyss Box that Scrooge was in prior to disappearing, he uncovers Glomgold and suspects him as the one who had kidnapped Scrooge during Black Arts Beagle's magic act. At that point both Ma Beagle and Glomgold state their hatred of Beakley and their fondness of Scrooge's deceased butler Duckworth before Beaks takes a selfie with Scrooge's other enemies. Glomgold explains that after he received an invitation to the party he scrambled to come up with a plan but he ran out of time so he just shoved a bomb in a box and gift wrapped it as a present. Glomgold tried to give it to Scrooge during the magic act, but he disappeared before he could and just then the bomb explodes next to Scrooge's cake, which lands on top of Glomgold and he admits it isn't his best work/ He later vanished mysteriously upon being accused as the true mastermind behind Scrooge's disappearance, following the same thing happening to Beaks and soon to Ma Beagle as well. Ma Beagle is last seen being kicked out of the mansion by Duckworth's ghost.

Although Ma Beagle doesn't appear in "Jaws$", Here sons, The Beagle Boys make a cameo where they are collecting gold.

Season 2

In "Treasure of the Found Lamp!", It was revealed by Djinn that Ma had stolen the lamp and returned to Duckburg with it. That night, both Scrooge's group and the triplets reunite with one another at the junkyard, with Scrooge believes it would be best to search the area without alerting any of the Beagle Boys, who had been using the junkyard as a home. Nevertheless, Djinn calls out to all the Beagle Boys within the junkyard and demands the whereabouts of the lamp.

Eventually, Ma Beagle comes out of her shack demanding to know what all the commotion was about. When Djinn accuses her of stealing the lamp of the First Genie, this motivates Ma to try and find the lamp herself with the hope of being granted three wishes. But after realizing Ma Beagle doesn't have it and that the lamp was thrown away, Djinn demands to know what the entire quest he had been on all day was for, only to realize himself that Scrooge had cast it away and everything up until then was a charade. Nevertheless, the group fights together against the Beagle Boys while searching around the junkyard for the lamp. Eventually, Huey discovers the lamp on top of a tower made of tires. This then leads to a race between Scrooge and Ma Beagle, but after a minor scuffle for the lamp, Ma is able to throw Scrooge off the tire tower and retrieve the lamp. But to Ma's surprise, as she is wiping the side of the lamp hoping for a genie to come out, nothing did.

Djinn then laughs at Ma after realizing she thought there would be an actual living genie within the lamp.

Ma Beagle makes a cameo In "What Ever Happened to Donald Duck?!", Where she appears in a pictured photo on Lunaris' Monitor.

In "The Golden Armory of Cornelius Coot!", the Beagle Boys led by Ma Beagle arrive disguised as 18th century people, eager to obtain the treasure first. he triplets, Launchpad and the other Beagle Boys are now strung up and about to be attacked by Big Time's spiders (which he dubbed the Buggle Boys), Webby and Della arrive and use a nearby scythe to cut down the triplets and Launchpad. As the wave of popcorn begins coming their way, Della, Launchpad and the kids board the plane while Big Time strings up the other Beagle Boys into a ball to protect them from the impact. the Beagle Boys escape as well with Ma, allowing Big Time back into the gang; much to his delight despite Ma having spider eggs in her mouth.

In "GlomTales!", Ma Beagle approached by Flintheart Glomgold, albeit reluctantly on his part, to join a team/"family" consisting of all of Scrooge's biggest enemies to collectively bring him down once and for all, to which she enthusiastically agrees for the sake of getting her revenge on Clan McDuck. However, when they go to invade Scrooge's mansion, which they do quite efficiently with their combined efforts, they are disappointed to find out that only Louie is home, since he was left behind while the rest of them went on a trip to Big Rock Candy Mountain. She suggests that they destroy him as a warm-up, but Louie then states that he actually wants in on their plan, pretending to seek vengeance himself for being grounded.

Using Don Karnage's blimp, the Iron Vulture, they travel to the Money Bin where Scrooge and his family are already waiting for Glomgold, where they were supposed to meet for the conclusion/deadline of Glomgold and Scrooge's bet, and with the expectation that Scrooge has won it, and by extension, Glomgold's company, since he had much more money than him. After incorrectly assuming Magica spearheaded this plan to get her revenge, much to Glomgold's annoyance, the group of villains soon get into a big fight with the McDuck family, with Glomgold and Magica arguing over who gets to handle Scrooge. However, the fighting is soon broken up by Louie, who reminds the villains that "this isn't the plan", with Scrooge being subsequently shocked that he's helping them. Louie then reveals that their real goal was to pool their collective reserves of money together, which gave them more than Scrooge, helping Glomgold to win the bet, in exchange for sparing Scrooge and the family's lives, as well as making Louie his new partner.

Overjoyed at winning the bet, Glomgold gloats over his apparent victory, declaring he doesn't need the other's help anymore and plans to keep all the money for himself as the richest duck in Duckburg. However, Louie then reveals his scam; due to Flintheart Glomgold being a fake identity of his real name, Duke Baloney, and that being the name he used when he signed the paper when they made the deal, all his money automatically goes to his new partner, that being him. Magica and the other villains become furious with Glomgold for first trying to steal their fortunes, then subsequently losing them all to a child, and try to attack him. However, Glomgold gets away by diving into the sea and swimming away, after which the rest of them retreat to the blimp, presumably to chase after him.

Season 3

In "The Life and Crimes of Scrooge McDuck!", Ma Beagle returns as Doofus Drake's second a witness/"victim" in a mystical karmic court, where she is crying due to who has had a long history with Scrooge due to what Scrooge did which was by stealing the deed from her grandpappy. She revealed that she used to live in Beagule, and When she was a little girl, Ma Beagle and her family lived in a community that belonged to Scrooge's family, Fort Duckburg. Scrooge arrives as he asked Grandpa Beagle for the deed to get back from the family who agreed through an arm wrestling competition. While it seems that Scrooge is losing, he discovers that the family is cheating and Scrooge outs them; winning the competition and getting his land back. Doofus tries to make it look like that he threw the Beagles out to the cold, but Louie is quick to point out that following Scrooge leaves with the deed, Ma Beagle showed her ugly side by booting her father and taking over the Beagle Family affairs. Ma Beagle is also placed on the innocent side of the balance.Therefore, Scrooge is deemed innocent. However, after Magica gets summoned as a witness and raises a strong case against Scrooge's guilt in creating her as an enemy, Scrooge finally decides to take responsibility and offers a sincere apology to him, her and Ma Beagle for all the wrong he's done them. The court interprets this as an admission of guilt and initially declares that as a result, Glomgold is entitled to his fortune, Ma Beagle to the deed to Duckburg, and Magica to his Number One Dime, which causes them to temporarily celebrate their victory. However, Louie is then able to come up with a strong counterargument that all of them shaped Scrooge as much as he shaped them. Much to Ma Beagle and the other's dismay, this leads to them winning the case and Scrooge being acquitted of all charges.

Ma Beagle makes one more appearance in "The Last Adventure!" as a captive in the Lost Library, due to Bradford wanting to eliminate everything and everyone associated with the Duck family's adventures. Steelbeak ends up unleashing her, along with Flintheart Glomgold, Ma Beagle and the Beagle Boys, then turns them into mindless drones to fight Launchpad. Initially, they beat him up rather badly, but after Darkwing, Fenton and the rest of the prisoners offer him words of encouragement, he uses the rebooted Gizmoduck armor to fight back and defeat them before going on to release everybody. After Bradford is defeated, the villains all show up and express their disgust at him, with Magica turning him into a normal buzzard and keeping him as a pet as punishment for his actions before they take their leave.


Ma Beagle wears a red coat, with a blue-dotted purse, a necklace, and a dress.


  • She is based on the infamous rumor of Kate "Ma" Barker, who was alleged by many to be the actual leader and mastermind of the Barker-Karpis gang.


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