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Maar is a Hybrid Destroyer who took control of the Protoss world of Zhakul and a minor antagonist in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.


Maar was the first Hybrid to be awakened.

Maar invaded the Protoss archive world of Zhakul and brainwashed the Zhakul Guardians tasked with guarding the three Preservers located on the planet. Maar then imprisoned the three Preservers and began draining their energies.

When Dark Prelate Zeratul arrived on the planet, Maar began a campaign to drive the Protoss off the planet, using the Guardians it had mind-controlled to attack the Protoss forces. Every time Maar was defeated, it drained the preservers' energies to regenerate its injuries. After the preservers were freed however, Maar was killed for good by Zeratul's forces.


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