Mabaa is a villain in the manga/anime Soul Eater. She is the leader of all witches, and is feared and respected by both allies and enemies. This is due to her power being comparable to Lord Death himself. However, despite all of her power, Free the Immortal Werewolf removed her left eye, taking some of her power.


Much of Mabaa's history and background remains unknown. 200 years before the events of manga, her left eye was violently removed by Free the Immortal Werewolf. Due to Free being immortal, Mabaa could not kill him, so she instead had the werewolf imprisoned for all eternity, taking both his identity and his name.


As with her past, Mabaa's personality is also rather unknown. However, remarks from other witches like Eruka Frog have claimed her views on reality have declined over the years. This could be from the theft of her eye. Also, her recent decisions have become rather questionable by the other witches, mainly the issue involving Medusa Gorgon in the DWMA despite the danger it has to the remained of their kind. Despite these events however, Mabaa is still well respected by the other witches and proves to be a good leader.


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