She thinks she's SO cute. She's just living proof that manure can actually grow legs and walk.
~ MacKenzie

MacKenzie Hollister is the main antagonist of Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell. She is Nikki Maxwel's archenemy.


MacKenzie is described as being the most popular girl at Westchester Country Day and also as the most commonly sought after by the boys of the school. Much like with Nikki, she too has a crush on Brandon Roberts, and throughout the series, she attempted to get Nikki expelled from the middle school in the hopes of having him for herself. MacKenzie was a very cruel young girl who freely insulted anyone who she thought was below her, and she is also known as being a pathological liar who would spread false rumors as if they were a plague. According to Russell, she may possess some good traits, though they're few and far between.

Villainous Actions

  • Not only does she spread rumors, she's also known to have attempted to steal twice. According to Nikki's blogs, she once accused her friend, Zoey, of being a thief, and she also tried to steal someone's wallet.
  • She once made Nikki feel extremely depressed when she used her lip gloss to write "Bug Girl" on her locker door.
  • In the book Tales from a NOT-SO-Happily Ever After, she threw a dodge ball very hardly at Nikki rendering her unconscious. She also expressed a lack of concern over this.
  • After Nikki, Chloe, and Zoey teepeed her house, she shifted the blame on Brandon knowing full well that he would get expelled for it. This was all so that she could manipulate Nikki into giving her and her friend, Jessica, invitations to his party. She then threatened to tell the principal about their little prank.
  • She stole Nikki and her friend's costumes and she also locked them inside the arena.
  • She tried to cancel the Halloween party at school just because Brandon refused to be her date. She then puts all of the work on Nikki and her friends. She also tried to get Nikki expelled once again.
  • In Tales from a NOT-SO-Secret Crush Catastrophe, MacKenzie tries to jeopardize the Bad Boyz tour for Nikki by digitally altering photos of her and Andre (a student from NHH). Her plan was to destroy the friendship between Nikki and Brandon in the hopes that she could insert herself into Nikki's position.


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