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Mac Antfee was the ninja when he was at Norrisville high in the 80's, however he was kicked out due to being unworthy to be the Ninja. He became a world famous fighter, and started his own Ninja camp, planning to retake the mask, and thus the Ninja powers and take over

He was voiced by David Koechner.


In 1985 on Prom Night, Dickie got transformed into a monster, but due to his selfish nature, rather than miss prom and turn him back to normal, Mac Antfee locked him in the freezer. A some point afterwards, he was stripped of his status and powers due to his nature. Overcome with anger he went onto found his own Ninja camp.

Upon arriving at the Camp, Randy was horrified, that Mac Antfee activily encouraged cheating and dirty fighting in combat, as well as bullying and looked down on the honorable. Upon examing the Ninja Nomicon Randy learned the truth of his History, and attacked him. Using his legion of minions Mac Antfee sent them to capture Randy, and demanded he give him the mask. Randy managed to outsmart him and escape, but Mac Antfee grabbed Howard and threw him out the window. Randy was forced to save Howard letting Mac Antfee escape.

Mac Antfee later returns, now finally recovered from his desire to regain the Ninja suit and instead became a motivational speaker. However, suspicious of him, Randy accidentally managed to tempt him back into his desire, while also letting slip he was the ninja. Now becoming an obsession, Mac Antfee sought Randy. However Randy was able to trick him into entering the Nomicon, where the two fought. Randy planning to force Mac Antfee to take the final lesson, thus wiping his mind of his Ninja memories. However  in the Nomicon he was able to unlock his old Ninja powers and as Mac Antfee was the ninja for far longer than Randy, he was able to gain powers far beyond Randy.

Getting the upper hand he knocked Randy through several walls right outside the room with exit and the final lesson. Realising Randy's plan, Mac Antfee forced him into the final lesson and went through the exit. However Randy revealed he switched the signs so it was Mac Antfee who had entered the final lesson. His mind wiped, Mac Antfee was cured from his obsession and went back to being a motivational speaker and a philantropist, no longer remebering he was once the Ninja.

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