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Macaroni the Merciless is the main antagonist from the Universal Studios ride Spaghetti Space Chase.


Macaroni the Merciless stole all spaghetti from the world. The audiences will ride the vehicle and in Sesame Street, there are floating spaghetti and it means that those are stolen by Macaroni the Merciless, so the Sesame Street characters will stop him from stealing spaghetti. They will go to space together with the audiences in the ride. In space, there are great deal of spaghetti floating away from earth. The goal is to follow the trail of spaghetti to go to the lair of Macaroni the Merciless.

Once the audiences in the ride went in the Lair of Macaroni the Merciless, they got caught by CCTVs there.

It has shown that Super Grover got captured. His arms and legs got tied by spaghetti. Sesame Street characters came to the lair and they became superheroes are able to stop Macaroni the Merciless and bring back all spaghetti to earth.

Once the Sesame Street Characters and the audiences are on earth, Macaroni the Merciless is shown there defeated.


Macaroni the Merciless appears as an orange muppet with green nose. Based on his attire, he looks like a tyrant. His eyebrows and mustache appeared to be curled spaghetti sticks. He also has a spaghetti-like ponytail on his head. He also wears orange tuxedo with a bow tie pasta as his tie. He also appears to have shoulder guards with curled spaghetti on the edges. Spaghetti on his attire are likely the hint that he likes spaghetti.


It is likely that Macaroni the Merciless loves spaghetti, so he steals all spaghetti from earth all for himself. It is possible that he is very greedy and he kept on eating without controlling himself.


  • His name is a reference to Ming the Merciless, the main antagonist of Flash Gordon and pop culture icon.


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