Lt. Colonel Macba is an assassin working for Phantom Squad and the secondary antagonist of Metal Slug: 1st Mission and its sequel Metal Slug: 2nd Mission.


The "aide-de-camp" of Hilde Garn, Macba and his superior conducted several illegal arms sales around the world in order to trigger a coup de'tat that would be beneficial for the Rebel Army. To stop the illegal arms sales and prevent an overthrow, the Regular Army sent its elite Peregrine Falcons Squad to infiltrate Phantom Squad's material distribution center and shut it down.

Macba himself appears as a miniboss and faces the player in Missions 6 and 17.

Macba later returns in Metal Slug: 2nd Mission, where he leads Phantom Squad in a campaign of insurgency and takes many soldiers of the Regular Army hostage. It is also revealed that he and the Rebel Army are working with the Mars People to develop weapons with unknown technology.

Macba in this game is fought in Missions 18 and 31, as well as as a bonus boss fight in Mission 37.


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