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"This isn't about me love! This is about your son! Do something for him for once!!".
~ Macca Hibbs demanding for Shona Ramsay to help out his half-brother Clayton Hibbs, also Shona's estranged son.

Macca Hibbs is a fictional character and major antagonist of the British soap opera drama Coronation Street. He appeared as a supporting antagonist from 2014 to 2019.

He was played by Gareth Berliner.


Macca Hibbs first came to Weatherfield in 2014 alongside his associate Gemma Winter and their drug dealing employer Callum Logan at a pub. They are later confronted by Callum's ex-girlfriend Kylie Platt and her friend Eva Price when they go to visit Callum about his and Kylie's son, Max Turner, suffering from ADHD at the time. Soon enough, Macca joins Callum's campaign against the Platt Family for the next year by taking Kylie's husband David Platt captive and leaving him behind at a garage.

Following Callum's eventual death, Macca begins to hang out with his half-brother Clayton Hibbs and together they visit The Rovers Return Inn public house whilst looking for Gemma. They hassle local punter Kate Connor before her love interest, Caz Hammond, forces the pair to leave the pub. Later on, Clayton finds Gemma and confronts her before he ends up killing Kylie when she rushes over to defend her. David soon begins a personal vendetta against Clayton over Kylie's murder, and soon begins to target Macca as well in order to try and lure Clayton out in the open. At one point David finds Macca and nearly confronts him until he gets drawn into the situation where David's niece, Bethany, is being bullied by her school tormentor Lauren.

However, David does get his chance to confront Macca after it transpires that Macca has been hospitalized. David confronts Macca at the hospital and contemplates on killing him, but ends up walking away in order to focuses more on Clayton. Eventually, Clayton is charged for Kylie's murder and is found guilty before being sentenced to life imprisonment; Macca, who attended the events of Clayton's trial, begins to outburst over the verdict and tells Clayton that he'll get him free.

Over the next period of years, Macca has resolved to help Clayton escape by any means necessary. He soon learns that Clayton's estranged mother, Shona Ramsay, has not only resurfaced but is also having a relationship with David in the street. Macca confronts Shona about this and demands that she help Clayton out, such as when she wins a lottery and he demands for her to use it to secure Clayton's prison release. But Shona declines Macca's demand after Clayton's father, Dane, causes trouble over the same matter by revealing to David and Kylie's two children Max Turner and Lily Platt the truth about Clayton killing Kylie in an attempt to turn them against Shona. However, this fails when Max and Lily assure David that they like Shona and that it is not her fault about Clayton killing Kylie or with the way how Macca is causing them trouble.

Following Dane's death in 2019, Macca plans to help Clayton escape during his funeral. Macca sees Shona and her friend, Billy Mayhew, turn up at the ceremony and demands for them to leave. But they ignore him and attend the funeral. Once the funeral comes to a close, Macca begins to attack the police that causes him and his associates to get arrested but allows Clayton to escape police custody; Macca's plan ultimately fails, however, when Clayton gets hospitalized and is sent back to prison for his crimes.

Since then, Macca has never been heard off nor mentioned again.


  • Macca Hibbs appeared 26 times in his total duration on the show.