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Ex U.S. Ranger turned gun for hire. Joined Jackals cutting his teeth in the slums of Soweto, South Africa. Marked with traditional scars to honor his heritage. Has earned a reputation for being a vicious operator.
~ Mace's in-game biography.
Ah, is that what you think? Sorry, I don't answer to him. Or to you.
~ Mace to Mara, before shooting Makarov.

Mace is a featured playable character of the Allegiance faction featured in the 2019 video game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and the 2020 battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone. He also appears as a featured playable character and a major antagonist of Call of Duty: Mobile and the comics.

He was voiced by Chris Jai Alex.



Not much is known about the operative's background, but he would join the United States Army Rangers and was once an ally to Simon "Ghost" Riley, a Special Air Services lieutenant. Mace marked with his body with traditional scars to honor his heritage, and eventually left the army to become a mercenary for hire. He would then join the Jackals, a private military company under the leadership of Viktor "Zane" Metiko after going into the slums of South Africa.

Call of Duty: Warzone

The Jackals would work under the branch of the Allegiance, a faction sent to Verdansk alongside the Coalition to stop the Al-Qatala.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Mace is a featured playable character in Call of Duty: Mobile, being added in 2020 during the season eight "The Forge" release. He is a major character and antagonist in the Mobile comics, where he is a member of the Five Knights.

Mobile Storyline

Mace, who was tied into American militia groups who wanted nothing less than the downfall of the government.
~ Vladmir Makarov describing Mace in Call of Duty: Mobile.

In the Mobile comics, Mace is a member of the Five Knights, a criminal organization that is made up of the most dangerous terrorists around the globe. He is a member of an unidentified American militia group, and wants to see the downfall of the government. Alongside Vladimir Makarov, Raul Menendez, Gabriel T. Rorke, Édouard "Templar" Couteau, Rott, Sebastian Krueger, and Hidora Kai, the knights are led by the "Fifth Knight" and are tasked with causing disruptions to world governments.

When the United Anti-Terrorism Coalition work on stopping Makarov's plan to target a major city with Nova gas, Mace and Krueger were tasked with stopping them. Mace engages Ghost, fighting in the showers in hand-to-hand until Tank Dempsey arrives and shoots at the mercenary. Mace was forced to retreat alongside Krueger, and later worked on stopping Mara from intercepting Makarov and stopping his plans. At the jungle base, Mace and Mara fight until she holds Makarov at gunpoint, but Mace betrays Vladimir and shoots him in the head before escaping. Before leaving, he launches an EMP missile at the bunker, and the UAC is too late to prevent it from landing. Unbeknownst to Mace or the UAC, Makarov survived the incident by faking his death.

Mace then headed to Alcatraz to meet with Kai, and the two planned to disable all electronic devices across the world, rendering them useless for the Five Knights to attack. While at the Hackney Yard facility, he was confronted by Dempsey, with the two engaging in combat. Mace ends the fight by killing Tank in front of Ghost, who proceeds to beat the mercenary before subduing and arresting him. Mace was then taken to a black site for interrogation, and was afterward was imprisoned for his crimes and for further questioning. The mercenary was later confronted by "Alex" and Mara, who wants to recruit him to help them find and capture Menendez and other members of the Five Knights.

After some convincing, Mace decided to take the deal to be released by General Shepherd after he helped them capture Menendez and the other knights. He then helps "Alex" and Mara infiltrate the Raid, which is Menendez's place of operation after he was rescued by Templar from Charly and her squad. Mace succeeds in apprehending Menendez after "Alex" stops him from escaping via helicopter, and Raul was interrogated by Shepherd and John Price.



Hiya, Ghost.
~ Mace to Ghost.
I don't have time for this.
~ Mace while engaging Ghost.
Ghost. Good. I want him to see this.
~ Mace to Tank before killing.
You here to finish the job?
~ Mace to "Alex" and Mara.
I'm not talking to you.
~ Mace to "Alex" and Mara.
...You think you understand me?
~ Mace to "Alex".
It's over.
~ Mace apprehending Menendez.



  • His blood type is B-.
  • The traditional scars on his body are crocidle scars, which originate from Papua New Guinea.


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