Nobody double crosses Mace Malone. Nobody!
~ Mace Malone threatening Matt Bluestone.

Mace Malone is a minor villain from the TV show Gargoyles. He was a leading gangster in the 1920s who was recruited into the Illuminati because of his underworld dealings.

He was voiced by the late Efrem Zimbalist Jr.


In 1924, the crime syndicates became aware of their vulnerability to the Illuminati, resulting in Mace having to disappear. He had a long life due to rejuvenation drugs. His habit of visiting Flo Dane alerted Matt Bluestone to his presence, who saw a photo with Mace wearing a society emblem and received confirmation of his suspicions from Mace's stepson Jack. Dropping the act, Mace admits that the Illuminati has been aware of Matt's efforts to find them and are impressed that he has persevered despite the roadblocks they put in place.

As a result, Matt was offered membership if he brought a gargoyle to the abandoned Hotel Cabal, an Illuminati base where the victim's mind is decimated through torturous methods and death traps, until they are "mindless cretins" and stripped of their precious memories and darkest secrets.  Though Matt brought Goliath, he secretly filled Goliath in on Mace's plan and left a hotel key for Goliath to escape.

Mace, however, lost his key in the confusion. Eventually, he died of dehydration.


  • Mace's precice rank in the Illuminati is unknown.


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