This is the moment of triumph! A new dawn of midnight will cover the land... and the Machina will march to the surface to reclaim their birthright!
~ Machestro

Machestro is an antagonist in Xyber 9: New Dawn. He is the tyrannical ruler of an underground species called the Machina, who are very sensitive to sunlight. Machestro plans on taking over Terrana by obtaining Xyber 9.

He was voiced by the late Tony Jay.


However, when Jack manages to get Xyber 9, Machestro orders King Renard to get it back. By half Way of the show, Machestro manage to create a giant device called the Eye of Darkness. When he manages to get Xyber 9 from Jack, Machestro uses it to power his device. By the end of the show, Jack faces off against Machestro and manages to get Xyber 9 back.

Not wanting to be defeated, Machestro gets connected to the Eye of Darkness and uses it's power to fight Jac. However, the device overloads and turns Machestro into energy as he fights against Jack. The Eye of Darkness gets destroyed and Machestro presumably dies.