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Machete is a super villain from the Marvel comics universe. His primary enemies are Captain America and Wolverine. Machete is also a skilled hunter/tracker, thief, and super villain.


In Captain America issue 303, Machete teamed up with Batroc the Leaper and Zaran to steal Captain America's iconic shield. they were successful in their mission, and sold the shield to a HYDRA scientist, so that he may produce more vibranium weapons.

To celebrate their victory the three villains went to a bar, where Batroc proceeded to get drunk and rowdy. Machete challenged Batroc by saying that he couldn't beat anyone in a 1v1 fight. Especially not Captain America. Batroc, filled with anger and beer, then rushed to track Captain America down and challenge him to a duel. (Machete and Zaran following)

Upon confronting Cap at an abandoned construction sight, Batroc fought Captain America in a less than glorious battle that only lasted a few moments. Cap knocked Batroc out with one punch, then made his way over to where Machete and Zaran were watching and laughing. The two villains were smart enough to know that challenging Captain America was a terrible idea, so they turned and ran away before Cap reached them.

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