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You see Jenna, I told you that I would destroy everything that you held dear.
~ Episode 58

Mackenzie Zales is one of the protagonist villains of the web series The Most Popular Girls In School.


Mackenzie possesses long black hair (in which it has been tied back into a ponytail), brown eyes, and a rather tall height.


Mackenzie is shown to be sassy, cunning, foul-mouthed, manipulative, and vindictive. She is an extremely hot-headed, selfish, sarcastic, lustful, and vulgar older teenage girl.

Mackenzie was, at first, simply meant to be just a parody of the top "mean girl" at her high school. She is often known as the "head cheerleader, homecoming queen, part-time model". Her intelligent side appeared as her character evolved over the early course of the series.

Mackenzie dislikes change, especially when it comes to the social hierarchy of Overland Park High. For example, even after Rachel Tice becomes the prom queen, she refuses to allow her to hang out with her cheer squad.

Unlike Brittnay Matthews, Mackenzie is much more capable of containing her more extreme emotions. That being said, so as long as she remains as the one in charge, Mackenzie could care less about whether or not what she does is moral; she has no problem with blowing up Brittnay's car in order to frame Jenna Darabond.


Mackenzie and Shay Van Buren used to be good friends in elementary school, until the very day where Shay lost the opportunity to be the head cheerleader in the third grade. Mackenzie had received that role instead, causing the two to become enemies.

She had lost Brittnay's trust for an entire season after blowing up the latter's car for an elaborate revenge scheme against Jenna Darabond.


Alright, Jenna, that's it, I'm done. You have crossed my last line. Congratulations! Because from here on out, I will not sleep until your life is completely f*cked. I am the queen of revenge, Jenna. I've disbanded cheer squads, ruined people's social lives, and I f*cking ripped a girl's arms off! But all of that is going to pale in comparison to what I am going to do to you. Mark my words: I will destroy every part of your life. I will not stop until you are sitting alone in a dark hole thinking over and over again, "Why did I ever f*ck with Mackenzie Zales?"
~ Episode 47


  • The doll that is used for her is a 99-cent store knockoff doll.
  • She is voiced by Kate Frisbee.
  • She has been implied to be half-Korean in Episodes 45 and 50.