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Macki is a supporting antagonist in the "Granolah the Survivor Saga" of the 2015 Japanese martial arts fantasy manga series Dragon Ball Super.

She was one of the four alien Heeter siblings that led the intergalactic intel broking organization called the Heeter Force. Macki and her three brothers sought to one day rule Universe 7 by usurping control of the Galactic Frieza Army from its leader Emperor Frieza.


Like her brothers, Macki belonged to an unidentified humanoid alien race characterized by turquoise skin, pointed ears, dark cyan marks under the eyes, and light purple hair. She had a slim, short build and was considered attractive by Lord Zuno. Macki's lips were magenta, her eyes were indigo, and her hair which was originally tied into pigtails was tied into a ponytail.

Macki wore a dark blue chocker with the Heeter insignia on it, dark blue thigh high boots with golden buckles and white soles, a white shirt with accompanying short shorts, a red coat over her shirt and shorts that had gold markings, fingerless red gloves with gold outlining, and a necklace decorated with some kind of bones. Overall, Macki's clothing bore aesthetic similarities to that of her brothers'.


Return of the Emperor

Sixteen years after Frieza's death, the tyrannical Emperor was revived through unknown means and returned to his position. Seeking security in the period of unrest caused by Frieza's return, the Heeters decided to track down the all-knowing Lord Zuno who could provide them with as much information as they wanted. In order to locate Zuno, the Heeters placed a bounty on the decommissioned android OG73-i whose memory banks contained his location. Eventually Granolah was able to retrieve the android and return it to the Heeters' base, at which point Macki paid him for his service.

Elec informed Granolah about Frieza's revival, prompting the Cerealian to demand to know the Emperor's location so that he could claim vengeance for his dead race. Elec promised Granolah that they would eventually make a move on Frieza, although they would need to bide their time. Once Granolah left, the Heeter siblings discussed the possibility of him going awole and the threat it could pose to them if he were to surpass Gas in strength. Macki and her brothers viewed OG73-i's memories and discovered Zuno's location. They also learned of Dragon Balls, a set of orbs that could summon an Eternal Dragon when gathered who could grant almost any wish.

The Strongest in the Universe

Around a week later, Macki and her family were enjoying a performance in their base when Granolah stormed in demanding Frieza's location. Elec ordered Oil to kick the Cerealian out, yet Granolah easily defeated him much to the surprise of the other Heeters. Macki then stepped in and tried to subdue Granolah, yet she too was easily defeated. Elec ordered the siblings to standown, at which point Granolah explained that he had used the Dragon Balls on Planet Cereal to make himself the most powerful warrior in the universe (at the cost of 150 years of his life).

Elec told Granolah to wait on Planet Cereal while they worked on finding Frieza for him, which convinced the Cerealian to leave. Later at dinner, Macki and her brothers discussed how they should dispose of Granolah as he had become a liability. Elec suggested pitting him against the extraordinarily powerful yet benevolent Saiyan warriors Son Goku and Prince Vegeta IV, who were among the last of their kind and lived peacefully. He also had the idea to use the Dragon Balls on Planet Cereal to make Gas the most powerful warrior in the universe, essentially copying Granolah's wish.

Manipulating the Saiyans

Elec gave Macki a list of questions to ask Lord Zuno on his planet about how they should go about dealing with the situation at hand. Setting their plan in motion, Macki and Oil journeyed to Zuno's planet where they were able to receive an audience with the all-knowing Lord. Zuno was willing to answer the Heeters' questions, although only if Macki kissed him which she reluctantly did. Macki received ten questions for her troubles, from which she and Oil were able to spawn a plan as to how they could find the Dragon Balls and how they could get the Saiyans to fight Granolah.

They discovered that the Saiyans resided on the planet Earth with their families and could be convinced to combat Granolah by being deceived into believing that the Cerealian was a powerful villain. Additionally, they learned of a device called the "Dragon Radar" on Earth that could track Dragon Balls, such as those found on Planet Cereal. Macki and Oil then headed to Earth where they visited Goku's wife Chi-Chi and lied that they needed his help with defeating a villain that was ravaging their homeworld.

Chi-Chi brought them to Capsule Corporation, the residence of Vegeta's wealthy wife Bulma. Bulma was able to contact Goku and Vegeta, who were offworld training, and convince them to return to Earth. While they waited for the Saiyans to arrive, Macki and Oil stole the Dragon Radar from the Capsular Corporation building. When Vegeta and Goku arrived, Macki was able to convince them into helping by telling them that Granolah was a villain who could be considered the strongest in the universe. Macki, Oil, and the Saiyans then departed Earth and headed for Planet Cereal.

Collision of the Mightiest

On the way to Planet Cereal, Macki secretly contacted Granolah and warned him that two Saiyan "assassins" were on their way to kill him on orders from Emperor Frieza himself. Due to his natural hatred of Saiyans, Granolah was eager to fight. Upon reaching the planet, Macki convinced Goku and Vegeta to confront Granolah without her and Oil while they stayed with the ship. After the two Saiyans departed, Macki told Oil to follow them and observe their battle with Granolah from a distance. Macki then used the Dragon Radar to search for Cereal's two Dragon Balls alongside her newly-arrived brothers Elec and Gas.

After finding the first of the Dragon Balls, Macki and the Heeters were informed by Oil that Granolah and the Saiyans had stopped fighting due to Monaito's arrival. Fearful that their ruse had been discovered, Elec sent Macki and Gas towards the fight in the hopes that they could finish off the exhaused fighters while he continued the search for the remaining Dragon Ball. Macki and Gas reunited with Oil, at which point Elec summoned the Eternal Dragon and wished for Gas to become the strongest in the universe. Gas grew in height and power exponentially to the point that he outclassed his enemies in both regards.

Confident that Gas would easily be able to defeat Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah at once, Macki dramatically introduced her brother to their powerful foes. As she had hoped, Gas was able to dominate both Granolah and Goku.

Powers & Abilities


  • Ki Manipulation: Macki and her brothers were all capable of drawing out and manipulating their own "ki," a type of natural energy that resided within all lifeforms. Ki manipulation allowed its user to perform a variety of supernatural feats, and greatly enhanced a person's fighting potential and overall power. Among her siblings, Macki was more powerful than Oil but less powerful than Gas.
    • Energy Projection: Like many other skilled practitioners, Macki could use her ki to summon destructive plasma energy. By focusing her energy into her hands, Macki could create claw-like constructs.
    • Flight: Another common technique employed by ki practitioners such as Macki was the power to fly completely unaided.


  • Alongside her brothers, Macki was created by series creator Akira Toriyama and was designed jointly by Toriyama and the illustrator of Dragon Ball Super Toyotarou.


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