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You ready to waste this dildo?
~ To Bill, referring to Chris
I love that you did that, and... I love you.
~ To Lexi, after she removes one of her breast forms.

Macon is a member of the group of five artists who plan to murder Chris Hawley as part of an art piece and a villain in the 2007 horror/black comedy film, Murder Party.

He was portrayed by Macon Blair.


Macon is the most eager among his peers to take part in the murder, and has the most varied plan to dispatch him, including dissolving him with acid (which does not work out for him,) and dismembering him with a chainsaw. Macon seems very aggressive and into the idea of committing the crime, but he is also profusely apologetic after dousing Chris in what he believes to be deadly powerful acid, so it is debatable how committed to the cause he is.

Macon decided to attend the murder party because Alexander promised a large sum of money to the artist who could successfully create art from the murder of a random stranger. A secondary, and equally strong motivator for Macon is his attraction to Lexi, another attendant of the party. Macon has been stalking Lexi for an unknown, but likely long period of time leading up to the party. Macon is enraged when Lexi is killed, and loses his drive to kill Chris, focusing instead on Lexi's killer.

Villainous Roles

Evil Acts

In the movie Murder Party, Macon commits several acts of villainy including:

  1. Trying to strike Chris in the back of the head with an axe while Paul, Lexi, and Sky distracted him.
  2. Tying Chris to a chair along with his friends.
  3. Taking part in the murder party in hopes of being rewarded with grant money.
  4. Pouring what he believed to be deadly acid over Chris's head and face.
  5. Drinking and using drugs in excess.
  6. Chasing Chris with a chainsaw (fortunately, it was electric, and dependent on a chord.)

Not-so Evil Acts

Though Macon tries to be perceived as a very evil guy, he seems to have some good traits as well. Macon is fiercely loyal to, and protective of his friends. Despite the fact that Sky technically kills herself, Macon blames Chris for her death. Macon is even more protective of Lexi, because he is in love with her. He helps her kill Zycho. He cuts Zycho's leg off with a chainsaw, but is unable to save Lexi from being murdered by Bill. By the end of the movie, Macon cares more about avenging Lexi than anything else, and he inadvertently saves Chris's life because of it.

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