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I'd say it was a pretty good one.
~ Macy about the prank.
She's not a retard, she's an idiot savant.
~ Macy

Macy is a character in Trick 'r Treat. Macy is one of the six characters to be punished by the dead on Halloween night for not following the old halloween rules.

She was portrayed by Britt McKillip, who would later go on to do the voice of Queen Chrysalis in her Princess Cadence disguise, as well as the real Princess Cadence herself.


The Principal

Macy is one of the Trick or Treaters that visits Steven Wilkins's house. She asks him for a pumpkin that she says she's collecting for the charity organization UNICEF, but in truth she wants to use it for a prank.

The School Bus Massacre

Macy, Schrader, Sara, Chip, and Rhonda, a servant, journey to the local rock quarry, where Macy tells them the local urban legend of "The Halloween School Bus Massacre". Eight mentally challenged children died in a school bus on Halloween; the driver had been paid by their worn out parents to dispose of them, and was the only survivor of the crash. The group offers eight jack-o'-lanterns as tribute to the dead children.

The group plays a prank on Rhonda in which they pretend to be the undead children and chase Rhonda until she trips and knocks herself out. Macy shows no sympathy for Rhonda, saying the prank went "perfect", and she gets angry when the others want to help Rhonda calm down when she awakes frightened after her head injury.

Macy ends up kicking one of the lanterns in the quarry's lake in her anger, but shortly after they begin hearing strange voices.

Rhonda and Schrader, who stayed to comfort her, hear distant screams. At first Schrader assumes it's another prank, but the screams continue and the sound is genuine. It turns out to be the real undead school bus children have arisen after Macy killed the jack o'lantern. They flee but Sara is killed as the zombies grabbed her by the chains on her costume.

Macy and the others finally make it to the elevator, but they see Rhonda had already locked herself inside. They beg Rhonda to let them inside, but Rhonda ignores them and rides it up herself as the School Bus children corner them. As Rhonda steps out of the elevator, Macy and the others are heard being dismembered and eaten alive.

It's left ambigious if Rhonda still thought it was a prank, or if she intentionally left them to die as revenge for their cruelty. Her smug wave as she rides up strongly suggests the latter, along with her lack of reaction to them being eaten off view. 



  • Macy is one of the six human antagonists in Trick 'r Treat; The others are Mr. Kreeg, Chip Winslow, Sara Perry, Sam "Schrader" Hader, and Steven Wilkins.
  • At the start of the movie, it was made to believe that Macy was a kind person, but her true personality was revealed when she took her prank too far.
  • It is assumed she made fun of Rhonda before the events of the movie. 
  • It's hinted that she had a crush on Schrader. 
  • She is most likely the first antagonist to be killed, unless Wilkins' death happened before hers (which is distinct possibility, due to the fact that the stories in Trick 'r Treat are interconnected and don't necessarily follow a straightforward chronology). 
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