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Mad Bomber Jekkar is a ladybug-themed cyborg criminal from the Londerz Prison and is the main antagonist in the 2nd episode of 2000 TV series called Mirai Sentai Timeranger.

He is voiced by Shigenori Sōya who previously voiced Hyoudogasa from Gingaman and later voiced Zabunian Don Blaco from Dekaranger.


Jekkar made his first appearance as he was released from prison and yes he was the first one to be released to cause mayhem onto the city placing these bomb like crystals that'll instantly destroyed a building and he'd blackmailed the government to give the Londerz Family money.

So once the police showed up Jekkar well open fired on them anyways as due to well he's from the 30th century. As this goes on he managed to collect at least 5 billion dollars for him to make his leave however Tatsuya arrived with another case that is supposedly hold 100 million dollars and as he was about to blow up the city, but it turns out it was him who's going to be blown up because the case that it holds were actually the bombs that he placed on the building.

So thanks to the Timerangers meddling Jekkar battled the time police with TimeRed wounding him with its Vector End Beat Three. Although weakened at first for Jekkar, but thanks to TimeRed who accidentally removed the depression seal that's located on his left shoulder Jekkar was then enlarged.

As this goes on Jekkar began destroying the city at large and there's nothing for the Timeranger to do at this rate, but coward in fear. Thankfully the Time Jet arrived to the 20th century to help the Timerangers as they form TimeRobo Beta to battle the giant mutant. After that they then changed the TimeRobo Beta into an Alpha to continue the battle on the ground. After that he was then recaptured by this finisher called Press Blizzard.

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