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The Mad Ducks

The Mad Ducks are the main antagonists in the television series Toucan Tecs.


They are a gang of ducks dressed like pilots who do mad and crazy things hence their name. Led by Red Leader, their main purpose is to have fun, but their antics disrupt the peace and quiet and safety of everywhere they visit and upset the people who live there.

Their enemies are two toucan detectives named Zippi and Zac who are constantly in their opinion "spoiling their fun" and outsmarting the silly birds with them flying away defeated (or just changing their minds of what they want to do) to another area.


The Mad Ducks are not exactly evil, but they are just annoying and selfish birds who only care about enjoying themselves and do not care about the safety and needs of others resulting in much vandalism and various accidents. Red Leader seems to be the most intelligent of them all, but they all seem to be easily foiled by most of the toucans' plans.