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I am the son of Aku's magic. He has looked deep within you and has spawned me from your own burning hatred. I am your dark side, and I possess all the powers that you wield. And I have only one purpose in my existence: to destroy you!
~ Mad Jack
EARN!!??? After everything we've done!? Everything we've been through?! The death... The loss... The suffering..! WHO ARE YOU TO DENY US WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS!?
~ Mad Jack, furious of the answer given to him and Jack by the Monk.

Mad Jack is a major antagonist in the Samurai Jack series. He is a mystic clone of Samurai Jack created by Aku to defeat the samurai by using his own skills against him. He has all the abilities of Jack, but none of the compassion or restraint.

Like Jack, he was voiced by Phil LaMarr.


He is Jack's exact replica, except that his gi is black and red and his eyes are red with shadows under them.

After 50 years, he appears as a spirit in Jack's mind and takes form in a more demonic and distorted version of Jack.


Mad Jack is shown to be very rude, violent, destructive, impatient, and rather psychotic. In essence, he is the physical embodiment of all of Jack's rage and hatred.


"Episode VIII: Jack versus Mad Jack"

After having to fight several bounty hunters throughout a small city and forest, Jack became infuriated, because no one left him alone and he was tired of fighting. As he fought, Aku also grew tired of relying on pathetic bounty hunters to vanquish the samurai. After realizing that no-one else can truly match his unbeatable fighting technique, he gets an idea. After Jack finished off the last hunter, he tried to calm down, but then one of his sandal strap broke, causing him to lose his temper and throw it at one of his wanted posters. The poster then started to light up and energy came from it that formed into dark mirror image of Jack known as Mad Jack. After some questioning, Mad Jack explains that he was created by Aku from Jack's own inner darkness for sole purpose of destroying the original Jack, and then begins his attack.

Mad Jack strikes furiously at Jack, taking delight when he manages to hurt him. Jack then goes on the offensive, and Mad Jack smiles evilly as he deflects his strikes until his hair gets cut, making him madder. The two fighters trade blow for blow, but neither one could best the other. Jack's hair gets cut as well, and he becomes enraged as well as result. The clashes from their swords end up creating sparks that set the forest on fire, though they both pay no mind and continue their fierce duel. After making a clash that literally blows away the nearby trees, Jack sees his own angry reflection in his sword which resembled his doppelganger's expression, and realized that fighting fire with fire wasn't going to win the fight. Instead, he pushes back Mad Jack to a distance so that he can sheath his sword and fix his hair. He then calms himself and finds inner peace, and at the same time, the fire also disappears.

Confused by all this, Mad Jack demands an explanation. Jack states that the fight was over; since Mad Jack was formed from Jack's anger, and by cleansing himself of all negative feelings, Mad Jack would cease to exist. Mad Jack refuses to believe this and attempts to prove himself real by finishing off Jack for good. But as he closes in for the kill, the now zenned Jack absorbs his evil twin into himself, thus defeating him.

Shadow of Aku

Aku had brought back Mad Jack to attack Jack at Aku City.

Season 5

50 years after having been defeated and sealed away by Jack in his mind, Mad Jack returns. As shown in a flashback in Season 5 Episode XCVIII, after Aku destroyed the last time portal, Mad Jack managed to take control over Jack (though he is not visibly shown), causing him to lose control over his own frustration and anger, which would eventually cause him to lose his sword into the same pit that the destroyed time portal was in.

Mad Jack then, later on, continues to torment Jack mentally, continuously urging him into the wrong path. One time, when he was chased by the Daughters of Aku, Mad Jack appears and insists that Jack commit seppuku because his quest is now pointless since he lost his sword and was no longer able to return back in time. Another time is when Jack is recovering from a flesh wound in a cave, mocking him over the fact that he had just killed a human being for the first time. Mad Jack appears again when Jack and Ashi were swallowed by a giant monster, trying to convince him to abandon Ashi for dead to save himself.

Mad Jack reappears one last time in the episode during Jack's meditation near the crater of the time-portal 50 years later. He appears in an even more twisted form, behaving even more malevolent than before. When Jack failed to create the perfect tea in order to gain the answers needed, Mad Jack lashes out against the Monk and attempts to slap the answers out of him, but is stopped by Jack, who confronts his inner demon, realizing that Mad Jack's overwhelming anger was why the sword was lost in the first place and is the reason he lost his hope. Jack managed to eventually see through his rage after having been sent flying by a slap from Mad Jack and permanently dispels Mad Jack for good. Having done this, Jack would eventually be reunited with his sword and regain his original appearance, finally freed from Mad Jack's influence.


FOOL! I am real! Now feel the reality of my cold, hard steel!
~ Mad Jack about to strike Samurai Jack.




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