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Mad Scienter is a scientist working for the Monster Clan and a major antagonist in Symbol of Justice Condorman.

He has a large forehead with a screw inserted into the side that amplifies his intelligence. While not an executive, he is a high-ranking member of the Monster Clan who's role is to develop destructive weapons for the monsters to use against humanity.

He is portrayed by Goro Hanamaki.


Mad Scienter was present at the Monster Clan's meeting where they discussed Operation: Japan Hunger.

After Satan Gametsku was killed and the seating in the board room was reshuffled, Mad Scienter took the seat that had belonged to Hedoranger before. He was present when Red Bat was summoned to take charge of the Monster Clan's Japan operations.

He would later develop a neutron bomb for Salamander to use against Condorman, after the executive was given another chance to prove himself by King Monster.

After Smogton, Gomigon and Hedoranger all headed to Japan to deal with Condorman, Mad Scienter developed a special gas called Mad X for Smogton to spread across Japan using his powers. He eventually came to Japan himself to partake in the operation to kill Condorman.

While Hedoranger executed his plan to take out a Japanese village by creating an avalanche of his slime, Mad Scienter led a group of Majin Combatants to go out and deal with Condorman by shooting him with an artillery cannon. In the end though, Condorman used his Condor Lightning ability to strike Mad Scienter and his Majin Combatants, blowing them all up. After his destruction, all that was left behind of Mad Scienter was his large forehead, revealing him to be a robot.


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