Mad Treant
The Mad Treant is a minor villain in the video game Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. It is an Unversed that attacked Snow White in the Dwarf Woodlands.


When Ventus meets a frightened Snow White, she tells that she was attacked by a strange-looking tree. He tells the princess that she was just seeing things, and decides to escort her to safety through the woods. Some time after, Ventus returns with her to the Dwarfs' cottage. Snow White explains she had met a "man with a key-like sword", and was soon attacked by a swarm of Unversed. As Ventus realizes that the man she met was Terra, the Seven Dwarfs accuse Terra of summoning the "evil demons" and sending them to attack Snow White. Ventus tries to defend his friend's name but to no avail. Ventus decides to run out to the forest to find Terra and prove his innocence. Shortly after, Ventus encounters the Mad Treant. After a long battle, Ventus was able to defeat the evil tree.


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Mad Treant
Mad Treant

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