My dear girl, I am not King Richard. But I will enjoy killing the girl who tried to eat my leftover man mutton.
~ Queen Madalena

Queen Madalena (simply known as Madalena) is one of the main antagonists in the musical comic fantasy television series Galavant.

She was portrayed by Mallory Jansen.


Madalena used to date Galavant and she was his fiancee who was in love. She was a nice girl when she dated Galavant, until an evil King Richard kidnaps her and steals her away from Galavant. He forces her to marry him, Galavant rescues her, until she turns him down and told her she wants to marry King Richard because he is a rich and powerful man that can give her anything she wants.

So she chose King Richard and married him. After one year, she changed a lot, she became a cold-hearted woman and a mean girl. She is like the medieval Alexis Carrington of Galavant. For the rest of the season, she is trying to overthrow her husband King Richard and trying to kill him. So she could be queen.

She still loves Galavant, but does not want to marry him. She just wants him as a plaything and holds a strong grudge against Isabella who is also in love with Galavant.

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