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Madama Styx is a powerful female demon used by Jeanne during the game Bayonetta, acting as the source of her supernatural abilities.


Queen of the River Styx, the boundary between humanity and Hades, Madama Styx is said to be a moth living within the human world. These insects, born from the magical power that flows from a woman's body, are charged with luring the souls of sinners into Inferno. By trading their soul to Madama Styx, one is able to obtain great power and knowledgeable counsel


Madama Styx is the main demon used by Jeanne during the game, acting as the source of her supernatural abilities. This can be seen initially during the second battle against Jeanne which prompts a quick-time event between Bayonetta's Madama Butterfly and Jeanne's Madama Styx.

While playing as Jeanne, Madama Styx's wings briefly manifest on her back when the Umbra Witch performs a midair jump. Jeanne's Wicked Weaves frequently create enormous fists and feet, presumably approximations of the demon's own limbs. Jeanne's shadow, like Bayonetta, is of the demon she has a pact with, the headpiece of Madama Styx being a large circular object.

Apart from use in movement and Wicked Weaves, Madama Styx's limbs are summoned during several Torture and Climax Attacks (mainly against Applauds and Affinities). Her arms are also summoned against Sapientia, guiding the monstrous Auditio towards Phantasmaraneae. It does have a climax where if a countered is performed on an Inspired angel then Madama will appear and beat the angel to death.



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