Madame Daubreuil, real name Jeanne Beroldy, is the secondary antagonist of Agatha Christie's 1932 Hercule Poirot novel, The Murder on the Links. She was Paul Renauld's neighbour and blackmailer. She was involved in plotting the murder of her husband 22 years ago, but escaped justice when exposed.

She was voiced by Joan Matheson in the 1990 radio adaptation of BBC Radio 4, and portrayed by Katherine Fahey in the 1996 television film adaptation from Agatha Christie's Poirot.


Madame Daubreuil is a cold-hearted manipulator who tricks one of her lovers to murder her husband so that she could marry a rich suitor. When the scheme was found out, she then manages to charm the entire jury to declare her as innocent, and she lives a peaceful and comfortable life afterwards. Later, she attempted to blackmail the said lover when he tried to quit the criminal actions.

She also allowed her equally cruel and manipulative daughter, Marthe Daubreuil, to seduce Renauld's son, Jack, and is implied that she knew of her daughter's scheme to murder the man so that she can cash in on the son's inheritance.

After Marthe's death and exposure as Paul's murderer, Madame Daubreuil escaped from the arrest once again before the police could reach her. Her further fate remained unknown.


  • In Agatha Christie's Poirot, Madame Daubreuil was arrested by the police after the case was solved, instead of escaping from her crimes like that in the novel.


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