Madame Doom

Madame Doom

Madame Doom is the fortune teller dummy who first appears in the Goosebumps HorrorLand book "Revenge of the Living Dummy".

Madame Doom appears in the 2015 Goosebumps film played by Mickie Pollock, but is credited as "Monster #21."


Britney and Molly come across the Madame Doom machine, which tells Britney she has no future. Then they go back to their hotel room and go to see Britney's parents, wanting to show them their new outfits. But they cannot find them anywhere. So they try the front desk, to which the Horror working tells them that they left already.

One day, she read the fortune of a man named Ivan. She said he would die poor and heartbroken. He was so angry that he threw the woman off a cliff. He built his own fortune machine, but it give him the same thing. He wasted his money making more, but they all said the same thing. He died of a broke heart, making her prediction true.

Jackson and Jillian decide to waste time by going to an animatronic fortune teller's booth in the mall. The wooden fortune teller is named Madame Doom. The kids put in a quarter and try to get their fortune told, but they accidentally get electrocuted in the process. After the shock, Madame Doom's machine dispenses a small slip of paper that says "Welcome to HorrorLand."

The next morning, Jillian's mother makes waffles for breakfast. Jillian says that she knew they were going to be having waffles. During breakfast, the kids accidentally begin moving objects with their minds, and they predict what their parents are thinking multiple times. At school, Jillian accidentally answers questions before Nina asks them and Jackson is making things float in the cafeteria. The kids continue to use their new powers throughout the day.


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