Madame Lebeuf is a unwanted ghost exorcist and a minor antagonist in Haunted Hathaways franchise.

She got her own website. She was seen for the first time when Michelle hired her. For take care their ghosts problems. Frankie wanted to interverne but she's scared her. When she said her magic word Ray was thinking she was a fake ghost exorciser. But she stripped his ghost power and also stripped the powers of Miles and Louie. Taylor got just in time to stop the exorcise before the ghosts was chased away. Michelle fired her from the house and she promise she will have her revenge.

She does have her revenge after she hired by Big Ronnies. By again use her magic power and trapped Louie and Ray front of Taylor and Frankie. But Miles who was possesed Frankie appear front of them. And take the stick from her hands and after Ray and Louie are free she run away after she was defeated once again.

She return at the episode finale of season one. When Louie see her he run out upstair after see she was in the bakery. Frankie decide to tell her she need her help for make him a payback for a prank. She give her a voodoo doll who look like Louie. frankie paid her and thank her because she can have her revenge on Louie. But Louie go to her website and order a Voodoo doll who look like Frankie. Until the end when Louie and Frankie order a voodoo doll who look like Miles and Taylor.

She return later in the second season has cameo when she enter the bakery for buy a pastry, and Taylor decide to give her one and make her leave, before she can attack the ghosts again, but is not sure is she will return a in the the rest of the series.

She is portrayed by Kim Yarbrough.

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