Madame Rose

Madame Rose is the main antagonist of the 2008 Thai martial arts movie The Protector.

Xing Jing was aprt fo a powerful Asian  (Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Laosian) crime family centered in Sydney, Australia, one of many sons of the man who ran it. Unfortunately, when her father found her out as a transexual, he decided that she was a transexual, he was reviled and decided that he would never let her become the leader of that crime circle.

She was portrayed by Jing Xing. 


Madame Rose was presumably involved in a plan to steal two elephants, a father and a child,  from Thailand, alothough the exact nature of her involvement remained unrevealed. She was first seen having an awkward dinner with her father, and than decided to poison him for his constant insults. 

When the elephants' owner, Kham, came to Australia in order to find his kidnapped "brothers" he became involved in several altercations with memebers of Madame Rose's gang, namely Johnny. Madame Rose also seduced Inspector Vincent, and through him murdered a rival for her position as leader. 

Madame Rose is next seen holding a dinner where she poisoned several members of her family, than asking if any others would dare to challenge her position. It is revealed that the baby elephant was sent to a restaurant that specialized in serving endangered species, which was destroyed by Kham. She later sends her enforcers to attempt to kill Kham. 

Madame Rose is next seen holding a press conference, presenting herself as the head of a legitimate buisiness in a state of expansion. After that she retires to her "throneroom" in which she had the bones of the mother elephant, coated in gold in order to respresent royalty. 

Madame Rose, despite her huge army of bodyguards, was ultimately overwhelmed by Kham, and tried to escape to a helicopter. She was, however, kicked off of it and fell through a skylight to her death.

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