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Madame de Bossé is a supporting antagonist in the 2009 direct-to-DVD animated Barbie film, Barbie and The Three Musketeers. She is a supervisor who working at the royal kingdom with the housekeeper, Hélène.

She is voiced by Merrilyn Gann.


Before on her lives, Bossé overthrowing Constance by had along does her jobs in Prince Louis's kingdom. Corinne, a country young woman who arrived in France, Paris with her pet kitten, Miette. She accidentally bumps into the three maids, Aramina, Viveca, and Renee. Upon her meeting Philippe and his dog sidekick, Brutus, who attempted to pursue Miette which sneaking into the palace without choice. However, Bossé forced Corinne to cleaning which makes her being a maid. Corinne knowing that her is wants to becomes a musketeer in fact has been always thinks quite useful only not funny that likely.

Bossé reluctantly taking anymore times to greeted Corinne and the three maids after she keep on eyes to them from being dirties then upsets it. Although she looks ugly as thought it would be rude to everyone. Corinne, Aramina, Viveca, and Renee were afraid of her which didn't feel uncomfortable. In one night before the four girls were going to the masquerade ball, they had planned to come to the castle to sees Philippe and his cousins, Louis, and Treville. Corinne decided to knock on the door. Bossé still stayed in the palace, she went to open the door while was busy with her work, which entangled with the girls.

As long which is driven out, Bossé is very embarrassed as she is too useless to them. Corinne knew that Louis would get into trouble and what should be done. The masquerade ball began, Corinne and the three girls unexpectedly revealed that Philippe is attempted to stage a coup with his henchmen so just which kept that comes from easy-going is kidnaps the musketeers and executes the prince. The girls fights with Philippe and his goons, Bossé also forced Hélène, who trained Corinne and the girls and cleans up then takes down the musketeers, making the prince out from danger. She later punished by Hélène to be her servant after Philippe and his minions arrested.


  • She is based on Milady de Winter from the original The Three Musketeers novel.
  • She is the second Barbie villainess who had a red hair, the first being Queen Ariana from Barbie as The Island Princess, and the third being Marlo from Barbie: Dolphin Magic.


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