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Mael Stronghart is the main antagonist of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles duology. More specially, he serves as the overarching antagonist of The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and as the main antagonist of its sequel The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve. He used to be a prosecutor before ordering Klint to murder the Lord Chief Justice so that he could become the next chief justice.


Mael Stronghart has white hair and beard with blue eyes. He also wears a green suit with green pants brown shoes, white gloves and holds a cane in his left hand.


At first Stronghart appears to be an affable, and humble person who only wants to best in the empire of London, however inside he is a delusional, corrupts official who believes what he is doing is right for the law, but in actuality he is making everything worse.

Overall, he is the one responsible for everything that happened in the great ace attorney including the murder of Klint van Zieks and everything that has happened.



In his first breakdown, he stands up in the judge's bench, raises his arms and screams, after a minute or two he stares clapping slowly but as he keeps clapping, the claps goes faster and faster.

In his second breakdown, after Herlock reveals that the queen was watching the entire trial the whole time, he continently hits the judges bench with the cane repeating the words "adjourned" until the top snaps. He topples over the bench and falls down onto the jury's bench activating the flames that enters the guilty verdict witch causes the scale to topple over towards Stronghart witch ended up causing the courtroom to go into flames as he screams with the big flames behind him.


A list of characters Mael Stronghart has killed and affected

Murder/attempted murder victims

  • Genshin Asogi - (Falsify for the murder of Klint van Zieks and murdered in the graveyard by Senshiro Jigoku.)
  • Klint van Zieks - (For being blackmailed into killing the Lord Cheif Justice, and many more crimes.)
  • John H. Willson - (Assassinated by Jezaille Brett to keep him from talking about the incident ten years ago.)
  • Tobias Gregson - (Killed by Senshiro Jigoku when Kazuma didn't assassinated him to keep him from talking.)

Other victims of his actions

  • Enoch Drebber - (Was a witness when Genshin rises from his gravestone and murdered, afterward losses everything and expelled from university by Odie Asman for grave robbing.)
  • Barok van Zieks - (Became a cold and serious person after his brother's death.)
  • Ryuunosuke Naruhodou - (Nearly became convicted for the murder of John H. Wilson.)



  • Mael Stronghart is one of only two main antagonists in the Ace Attorney series to appear in more than one game, the other being Manfred Von Karma.
  • Mael Stronghart is one of two judges in the Ace Attorney series to be the killer, alongside Seishiro Jigoku.
    • Furthermore, he's one of the three judges to in the series to actually be named, alongside Seishiro Jigoku and Justine Courtney.
  • He has a total of appearances in six episodes, making him to this date the most appeared villain in the Ace Attorney series.


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