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There is no mercy in the judgement brought by the Blue Storm Dragon.
~ Maelstrom's official description.
I'll give you a choice. Either die instantly, or struggle in pain!
~ Maelstrom's clone, Maelstrom Reverse.

Maelstrom, known in the battlefield as the Blue Storm Dragon, is the main antagonist of Cardfight!! Vanguard: Asia Circuit. He was a member of the great Aqua Force navy, and later became its leader. Wanting Aqua Force's glory days to be restored, he lead his soldiers to war in an attempt to take over Planet Cray. His Vanguard is Leon Soryu.



In ancient days, Maelstrom, a proud dragon member of the navy Aqua Force, was under the command of Valeos, the Blue Wave Marshal. Under his orders, Maelstrom fought alongside Gyze, the God of Destruction, attempting to take down planet Cray's protector God, Harmonics Messiah. In the end, Gyze and Aqua Force were defeated. As punishment for their heresy, the entirety of Aqua Force was sealed away by Harmonics, including Maelstrom. Valeos manage to escape being sealed away, deserting his troops.

Asia Circuit

Many centuries later, a dark entity by the name of Void had made a deal with Leon Soryu, one of Aqua Force's representatives on Earth. Thanks to this accord, Maelstrom was freed from his slumber, and could now make a return alongside his ancient navy. At this point the planet of Cray was under attack by a mysterious invader, who was secretly responsible for making the deal with Leon. Several conflicts had happened in an attempt to decide who would lead planet Cray's forces against the invader, but now their entire resistance was in shambles. Maelstrom decided that Cray had grown weak without Aqua Force, and decided to take over the planet, declaring war against any clans that stood in his way. What Maelstrom didn't know at the time, is that this was exactly what Void had wanted by freeing Aqua Force, and they were nothing more than pawns in Void's attempt to destroy Cray.

During Maelstrom's conquest, a few clans had rised up against him. The Gold Paladins, made up of the remnants from the lost clans of Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin and Kagero, thought Maelstrom's attacks were distracting them from the fight against Void, and faced Aqua Force head on. Narukami, a faction of the Dragon Empire similar to Kagero, did the same. Another clan heavily against Maelstrom were the Granblue pirates, who, without the interference from Aqua Force, had gained full control over the seven seas, and wished to maintain their rule over it.

Maelstrom was then confronted directly by Narukami's commander, Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion, who saw through Void's manipulation of Aqua Force, and wished to stop Maelstrom's insane conquest. Vermillion, having now drank the ancient blood of his ancestors, was filled with immense power, and had achieved his new form, THE BLOOD. Maelstrom, being a dragon himself, was able to concentrate his power, and after sacrificing a huge portion of his own lifespan, transformed as well, into a form known as Glory Maelstrom. The two went to battle, but in the end Maelstrom was victorious, and Vermillion was slain in combat, his corpse lost forever to the depths of the seas.

Having taken down one of the resistance's leading commanders, Maelstrom then used his new powers against Blonde Ezel of the Gold Paladins, but in the end he was defeated and killed in battle. Being a dragon, he didn't fully die, though because of the strain caused on his body by forcing his new form to be achieved, Maelstrom entered a deep slumber, resting forever in a mausoleum deep in the ocean.

With the defeat of Aqua Force, the Gold Paladins were able to unite Cray's forces as one, and successfully repelled the invader.

Link Joker

Despite being basically dead, Maelstrom found himself involved during the war against Link Joker, Void's newest creation. Chaos Breaker Dragon, their leader, had found out about Aqua Force's previous exploits, and wished to use Maelstrom's strength for their own cause. He broke into the mausoleum deep in Magallanica's oceans, and attempted to turn Maelstrom into one of his Reverse commanders. Maelstrom's body was too weak however, so instead Chaos Breaker created a clone of his mind, Reversed it, and put it into a cloned body he built for it. This version of Maelstrom was known as Blue Storm Karma Dragon, Maelstrom Reverse, and was completely loyal to Link Joker. Having no more use for Maelstrom, Chaos Breaker left, leaving Maelstrom to rot in his mausoleum.

Vanguard G

Years later, Maelstrom would make a full recovery. This time assisting Thavas, a new young hero in Aqua Force. No longer interested in his conquest, Maelstrom now fought to maintain Cray's peace.


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