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Your little buddy screamed like a bitch when we trussed him up, how about you, bitch, you gonna scream?
~ Maero taunting the boss about Carlos’ death during “The Siege”

Maero was the head of the Brotherhood of Stilwater and a major antagonist in Saints Row 2. A Stilwater native long victimized by gang warfare and police corruption, Maero formed the Brotherhood from the outcasts and dredges of Stilwater society. Ostracized for their status and their tattoos, he united them as a solid force of strength and intimidation intent on revenging itself upon the police and city. He is the main antagonist of the Brotherhood story arc.

He was voiced by Michael Dorn, who also voices Frank Horrigan.


Maero towers over everyone he meets. Not only is he tall, but he packs an unbelievable amount of muscle, which for the most part, is covered in tattoos.


Maero is a violent man, straightforward and blunt with his tactics, but still cunning in the predatory sense. He often participates in the demolition derby, using an Atlasbreaker monster truck to crush the rest.


When Maero heard of the 3rd Street Saints reborn and the Saints leader out of jail, he asked to meet him/her at the Stillwater caverns in order to form a pact. However, they were interupted by the police. Afterwards the Saints leader refuses Maero's offer, which ignited the feud between the Brotherhood and the Saints, resulting in arguably the most vicious gang war of the entire game, if not the series, with a constant cycle of vengeance between each gang. In the end, the Saints leader manages to steal the Brotherhood's arms shipment and storms their main hideout with the guns. The Saints leader manages to defeat Maero, but he escapes with the help of Donnie. He then took whatever remained of the Brotherhood and challenged the Saints leader to one last showdown. Maero had the unfair advantage because he was aided by his gang and they were all armed with monster trucks. But even that was not enough to stop the Saints leader who killed them all and injured Maero. He/she then pistol-whipped the vicious warlord and finished him off with a final gunshot to the head.


Go to Hell.
~ Maero's last words before being shot in the head after his fight with the boss in the mission "Showdown".


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