Mag having become termagant

 Mag was a secondary antagonist in book four of The Edge Chronicles. She was a termagant trog that captured Twig. Despite her seeming good nature, she was in fact spoiled, brutal and cold. She set about grooming Twig, but only after threatening that her mother would kill Twig if he touched Mag. Mag told Twig how she would turn termagant and she laughed about trog males, calling them "useless losers." She eventually transformed into a termagant when she drank the blood of the Bloodoak tree. Then she became psychotic, brutal and crazed. She smiled at Twig, relieving him that she still loved him, but then she screamed "YOU FILTHY PIECE OF VERMIN!" at him and ran at him, despite Twig's insistence that he was a friend. When he spoke, her mother realized he was a speaker. Mag said "Yes, but not for much longer." However, when she ran at Twig, the Gloamglozer, in the form of a trog male, tripped her, and directed Twig to the exit, saying "Do you want to be skinned alive by your mistress?" Twig knew this was true for he saw dead prisoners at the exit. But he escaped.
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