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Maga-Orochi (マガオロチ) is a major antagonist in Ultraman Orb.



Maga-Orochi is a parasitic beast that comes from the Monster Galaxy, which feeds the planet's energy, destroying it in the process. Maga-Orochi traveled from planet to planet, draining their energy until it came to Earth, where it rested deep underground as an egg called Maga-Soul. Its power resonated with the Earth elements, and spawned another Monster Lord, which prompted the Ultra Warriors to go to Earth after sensing the instability in the environment, and sealed it. At some point, Maga-Orochi also kidnaps a princess named Tamayura, until she is defeated by a light warrior, trapping her in her egg state. However, the seals on him and the other Monster Lords wouldn't last forever. Since then, the princess has used her warrior powers to keep Maga-Orochi's seal from breaking, and has been heralded as the protector of the forbidden forest.

Ultraman Orb

Currently, Jugglus Juggler uses his Dark Ring, along with his Master's Monster Kaiju Card, to summon a giant meteor that shines from the ground. The dark energy of the meteor was held back by the protective seal of Zoffy's Ultra Fusion Card, until the mastermind used Ultraman Belial's Ultra Fusion Card to negate the former's powers. The meteor exploded and revealed Great Lord Monster Maga-Orochi, which immediately began rampaging towards the city. Orb transforms into Ultraman and uses all available forms to date, from Spacium Zeperion to Hurricane Slash, and finally Burnmite but Lord Monster rejuvenates himself in seconds and inflicts massive damage on him. Energyless and unable to continue, the vaporized Orb form becomes particles and can be returned to its human form, falling unconscious due to excessive exertion. With Orb aside, Maga-Orochi continues to throw trash into the city while Jugglus Juggler questions the Gai Ultra Fusion Card Holder. Problem! Mama Here!

After destroying most of the city, Maga-Orochi decided to rest and rest. But the monster's vital organs and brain activity increased considerably while he was sleeping, according to the Shin Biological Activity Analyzer. After regaining its energy, the monster woke up and continued its war path of destruction. When Gai realizes it is trying to change a second time, it tries to kill him, but Princess Tamayura uses her powers to keep the monsters at bay in an attempt to give Gai time to change. However, Maga-Orochi overwhelmed Tamayura's magical power and possibly annihilated him with Maga Thunderclap unleashed. Surprised by the princess's statement, Gai decided to use his anger to finally summon Ultraman Belial and complete his transformation into Ultraman Orb Thunder Breastar. Unlike its previous form, Orb's Thunder Breastar's form has the power to take on the Great Lord Monster head-on, in full retaliation until it breaks its tail. Making use of Zoffy and Belial's light and dark energies, Orb releases his Zettcium Beam for the grand finale, a beam strong enough to knock down the monster and eventually destroy it in a fiery explosion. Witnessing the unexpected outcome, Jugglus Juggler became furious that the powerful Kaiju he had awakened was unable to defeat Orb for good.

Soon, it was revealed that while Maga-Orochi was apparently resting before disappearing from Orb, he gave his life to Earth. Its presence is felt by many aliens who hide on Earth and return to outer space. The Unmarked Cafe This presence was also felt by Jashin Blade Juggler but after failing to defeat Orb in their gigantic proportions, he allowed himself to be captured by VTL and inform mankind of the impending doom. Orochi's Revival Dark Blade takes effect once again, resulting in a rise in temperature, aliens leaving Earth in UFOs, water kaiju coming ashore, underground kaiju dying suddenly, storms and unusual buildings sinking around Tokyo Tower. He also informed them that Orochi approached the Tokyo Tower and told them to destroy it in a cocoon state, but when they did with the Spiner-R1 missile, the explosion released Magata no Orochi into the world, just as Juggler had hoped. It rampaged through the city and started causing mass extermination, along with using the many attacks from past Lord Monsters as it began to eat Earth. After interrogating Juggler, Gai immediately took action and transformed into Ultraman Orb Thunder Breastar once again, seeing how that form defeated Maga-Orochi earlier. When that form proved to be ineffective, he used Orb Origin and fired the Orb Supreme Calibur but the monster completely devoured its energy beam and ended the fight with Orochi breaking through the Orb Color Timer, rendering him immobile. With Orb's defeat, Orochi continues his rage against Z-VTOL fighters.

After facing Juggler, Gai transformed into an Orb, using Spacium Zeperion and Burnmite before taking Orb Origin. When Ultraman's Color Timer started to flash, Magata no Orochi was about to finish him off for good, but then, Jugglus Juggler, who was convinced by Naomi Yumeno to do the right thing, turned into a giant and slashed the monster. At that time, Orb and Jugglus finally reunited in battle and faced the Kaiju together by dodging and blocking his attacks and attacking him with their swords. However, Supreme Lord Beast still stood and knocked the two warriors down with an increased tackle.

Meanwhile Shin and Jetta learned that when Maga-Orochi gave her life to Magata no Orochi, her transfer was interrupted by a sacred tree, resulting in the lower right of Magata no Orochi being incomplete and easily exposed, especially at the point behind it. kaiju jaws, and Z-VTOLs capable of exposing weak points. Hearing that, the two soldiers came and hit the area with their respective increased blows, but the Demon Beast entangled Juggler with its tentacles and used it as a shield from Orb, but Jugglus encouraged Orb to shoot its lightest beam at the monster. however. After being taken care of, Ultraman Orb finally eradicated Magata no Orochi (and presumably Jugglus Juggler) with the power of his Ultra Fusion Card, resulting in the same explosion that occurred 108 years ago in Rusalka. As he flies, Juggler appears to have survived the explosion, watching his human form Gai leave.

Ultraman Z

When Juggler, having assumed the identity of Hebikura, impersonated Z Riser Haruki Natsukawa through. Jashin Blade after "borrowing" from the latter, the dark replica of the device is equipped with Kaiju Medals from Zetton, Pandon, and Maga-Orochi. With them, he regained access to Zeppandon and was able to use Kaiju fusion once again, testing his strength against Ultraman Z's Alpha Edge form. Although Zeppandon was eventually defeated by Ultra Warriors thanks to his new weapon, Hebikura remained satisfied that his Z Riser was working as it should.


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