Silence, insect! You will have a rematch the next time we meet.
~ Magaki

Magaki is the main antagonist of The King of Fighters' XI. Many fans consider him to be the hardest boss for fighting games.


Magaki is a very mysterious guy whose past is completely unknown. Being one of Those from the Past, he is trying to awaken Orochi so that his master can absorb its powers. Magaki orders his underling Shion to host the King of Fighters tournament to continue from where Mukai left. During the tournament, Shion comments to him that everything is going as planned, but Magaki warns Shion to not betray him. Shion faces the winning team but is defeated. Magaki, angry at his failure, forcefully drags him through a dimensional rift trapping him there. Magaki then decides to fight the winning team but loses as well. Magaki stands up, apparently unscathed, confused that he is missing something needed to awaken Orochi. While he exits through a dimensional rift, he finally realizes what he had done wrong and what he needed to awaken Orochi. Suddenly, Shion's spears comes flying through the rift, killing Magaki. His body is taken by the police and given to Heidern, who examines it and takes it to an aircraft carrier. The fleet is attacked, as two girls suddenly appear and take Magaki's body, disappearing shortly after and exploding one of the boats.


Magaki is very arrogant, never tolerating failure. He despises humans completely, believing they are insects unworthy of his time.



  • SNK Playmore revealed that they designed Magaki so that players would really hate him. All of his attacks consist of him spamming projectiles everywhere, some of which come from behind the player, sending more than one at a time. In his Desperation Move, he covers the entire screen in a pink wave that cannot be avoided and comes very fast.


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