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Nothing to worry about, if you have nothing to hide.
~ A Mageseeker investigator.
Your petricite Graymark is your primary safeguard against magic, a symbol of out responsibilities, and a reminder to others of our authority. Honor it above all else.
~ The Mageseekers' Handbook.

The Mageseekers are a powerful Demacian task force the lore of the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends

An organization tasked with the location and arrest of magic-users across the kingdom of Demacia, the Mageseekers are seemingly ever-present in Demacian life. While they used to accept mages into their ranks, the Mageseekers have become more extreme in their methods since the assassination of King Jarvan III and the start of Sylas' Mage Rebellion.



Years before the founding of Noxus in eastern Valoran, the entire world of Runeterra was devastated by the cataclysmic magical forces of the Rune Wars. As a result, many refugees migrated to the petricite forests of western Valoran in hopes of escaping the chaos, as the properties of the trees helped to shield these settlers from the devastation. Over the centuries, both these refugees and their descendants held a subconscious disdain for magic, and even after the Rune Wars had ended, the settlers of Demacia came to harbor distrust and prejudice against the mages of even their own citizenry.

As a result of this distrust, the Kingdom of Demacia eventually founded the Order of Mageseekers, a task force which would hunt down and contain deadly sources of magic in hopes of keeping the general public safe. If someone was born a mage, they would be forced to adhere to the Laws of Stone, which would prevent them from using their abilities unless in the direct service of the Mageseeker Order. However, should anyone break these laws, they could face arrest or exile, and sometimes even execution depending on the crime.

The Mage Rebellion

As mages across Demacia felt the toll of the growing oppression under the Mageseekers, many Demacian magic-users were motivated to join the rebellion led by Sylas of Dredbourne, an escaped prisoner and revolutionary who hoped to overthrow the Mageseekers and the monarchy under which they served. The Mage Rebellion gathered steam after the assassination of King Jarvan III, and under the direct order of Prince Jarvan IV, the Mageseekers were granted the power to imprison and exile all mages across Demacia, along with anyone who might sympathize with their cause. Mages were no longer allowed to work under the Mageseeker Order by adhering to the Laws of Stone; every mage in the kingdom was now considered an enemy guilty of treason.

Currently, the primary goal of the Mageseeker Order is the arrest of Sylas, but with mages across Demacia being imprisoned without cause, it seems as though the reactionary actions of the Mageseekers are only pushing even more people to the violent methods of the revolutionary leader. What will result from their actions is yet to be seen, and if they can be stopped is another question entirely.


Like most Demacians, Mageseekers usually appear wearing a uniform of white, blue, and gold. As part of their uniform, Mageseekers wear half masks in order to emphasize their role as enforcers of the Demacian throne, apart from the regular military or police. Additionally, Mageseekers are required to wear a Graymark (a Mageseeker badge) made from petricite, a material which is used to absorb and contain magic as a safeguard against magic.


The Mageseeker Handbook

All Mageseekers are trained in an orderly and uniform manner according to the Laws of Stone, and are guided by the rules of the Mageseeker Handbook. Of these rules, three entries are known.

  • Long ago, the wild magicks of the Rune Wars brought all Runeterra to its knees. Thus, our order was created to protect our kingdom by ridding it of magic, whether abroad or within.
  • Arcane items have undeniable intrigue. But these objects of power are best left to the capable hands of our experts, and away from the well-meaning ignorance of our citizens.
  • Your petricite Graymark is your primary safeguard against magic, a symbol of our responsibilities, and a reminder to others of our authority. Honor it above all else.


  • Head Mageseeker - The leader of the Mageseeker Order.
  • Investigators - Search locations for traces of magic-users.
  • Conservators - Specialize in confiscation of and expertise in magical artifacts
  • Persuaders - Specialize in interrogation of suspicious individuals.
  • Inciters - Specialize in combat and containment of mages.



  • The Head Mageseeker is the husband of Tianna Crownguard, as well as the uncle of Garen and Luxanna Crownguard.
  • Sylas was once a Mageseeker, as his unique abilities proved useful in locating other mages.
    • As leader of the Mage Rebellion, Sylas is now an enemy of the Mageseekers.


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