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Maggie is the main antagonist of the 2016 supernatural horror film Incarnate.

She was portrayed by Mark Steger.


Years ago, Dr. Seth Ember learned to perform astral projection, and after executing it successfully a few times, he decided to keep it a secret. Unbeknownst to him, however, this earned him the unwanted attention of a plethora of evil spirits, one of which would go on to possess a woman named Maggie. While driving with his wife and son (Anna and Jake), Seth's car gets hit by the possessed woman. Dr. Seth Ember survived the car accident, but unfortunately his wife and son did not. Seth became crippled after the accident, being condemned to a wheelchair. He then spent the rest of the years trying to find Maggie so that he could destroy her.

Maggie resurfaces years later by possessing a hooded stranger. 11-year-old Cameron Sparrow is assaulted by the man and after the encounter results in him killing the stranger, Maggie next jumps into his body. As the possession became more pronounced, Seth is notified of the latest possession. Although he is unwilling to take the case, he changes his mind when his assistant Camilla indicates that Maggie was the one responsible.

Arriving to the house, Seth reveals that the demon had ensnared Cameron inside of an illusion. If Cameron was not freed from his mental prison, he would ultimately get his life force drained away from him by Maggie. Explaining that demons are unable to completely possess their victims, Dan Sparrow, the father of Cameron who had left his life prior to his possession, is asked to attend what Seth describes as an "eviction", stating that his presence may help the eviction run smoothly. Unfortunately, Maggie ambushes and mortally wounds Dan.

Returning to Cameron's subconscious, Seth awakens Cameron by giving him a ring that Dan had given him before separating from his wife. As they were trying to escape, Maggie traps Seth by trapping him in his own mind. Seth wakes up in a hospital where he sees his wife and son tending to him. Upon realizing that it was never real, Seth begs Maggie to take him and let Cameron go. Maggie agrees to his commands, and once Cameron is released, Seth is injected with a vial of blood from a possessed victim, compelling him to then jump off a balcony to his death. Despite warnings to not touch his body, Camilla touches his body whilst the medics are trying to get a heartbeat, thereby allowing Maggie to select her as its next host.


  • Anna Ember
  • Jake Ember
  • Maggie
  • Dan Sparrow
  • Felix (committed suicide)
  • Dr. Seth Ember (committed suicide)
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