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I should warn you, however. We ran a standard newborn screen on her, and she tested positive, for evil.
~ Dr. Julius Hibbert describing Maggie, and also his last words before getting incinerated.

Maggie Simpson is an antagonist in The Simpsons thirtieth annual Treehouse of Horror, released in 2019.

She appears as a demonic infant whose mother died at her birth. She was later adopted by Homer and Marge Simpson.


She appears innocent upon introduction, but is revealed to be a villain by Dr. Hibbert before she burns him to death. She is finally revealed to be a demon once her mark of the beast was uncovered and killed Ned Flanders, Marge, and Homer.


As the intro for the episode begins, Marge gives birth to a baby boy, much to Homer's horror. Homer asks Dr. Hibbert for a girl, where Hibbert brings him to Maggie, whose mother died at birth. Hibbert warns Homer about Maggie's villainy, but is killed by Maggie by being strangled by his own stethoscope and being incinerated, which Homer doesn't seem to be afraid of. At her baby shower party, she burns the eyebrows off of Baby Gerald, make Jimbo Jones, Kearney Zzyzwicz, and Shauna commit suicide, (though they somehow survive this), and turns Rod and Todd into emo boys. Ned is the only person who knows about the infant's villainy and decides to kill her. At an abandoned church, he prepares to kill her, but is prevented by Marge and Homer. Ned tells the couple that she is a villain and accidently reveals a mark that looks like Mickey Mouse, which is the wrong mark. He reveals the actual mark, which is seen as the number of the beast. (666) Maggie levitates in the air and destroys the church. Homer states that she is still better than a boy, only for the infant to kill him, Marge, and Ned by impaling them in the chest with wooden spires, completing the "Treehouse of Horror XXX" title card. She turns around to reveal that her mark fully reads "Episode 666, or 667 if FOX changes the schedule.". As the intro ends, it is unclear if Maggie was finally killed from being overpowered, much like what she is based on.



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